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Apr 1, 2016 ... In this tutorial, we are going to dissect an Android app. ... There are, however, more important reasons why you would want to look inside an APK. ... you can look at their code to get a better understanding of what they ... Before you do so, you need to know the package name and absolute path of the APK.


Android Studio will take care of the details how to build and run your apps. But have you ever wondered what happens under the covers when you press .... Remember, your app code is stored in the classes.dex file inside your .apk package.


Sep 16, 2011 ... In fact, we discussed a few iPhone-based QR Code solutions in our ... QR codes with the Android app, and you'll instantly be able to see what's inside. ... but you can tell what's in a box, minimizing the possibility of theft or loss.


Dec 19, 2016 ... Enhance your Android apps with content from external websites, using ... If you hard-code this content into your app, then the only way you can update .... its fields to determine what changes you need to make to your app's UI.


Android. What's not to like about this platform? It's free, it's customizable, ... App icons should not be placed inside a rounded rectangle (unless that's your ... As you learn Android programming, you will come to know and fear this message.


To write log messages in your code, use the Log class. ... Log messages can tell you what part of your application failed. ... flag and placing debug log messages inside conditional statements.


Use services sparingly; Use optimized data containers; Be careful with code ... Before you can fix the memory usage problems in your app, you first need to .... To avoid running out of memory, you can to query the system to determine .... Or you might create new Paint or Bitmap objects inside the onDraw() function of a view.


Nov 19, 2016 ... Amazon rolls out 'X-ray vision' so you can check what's in your packages ... Once scanned, the app will show which of your orders are inside. You can try it for yourself if you have the latest version of Amazon's iOS app (no word yet on Android availability) by .... Designed in collaboration with Code & Theory.


You can generate Espresso tests automatically using Espresso Test ... The location of your test code depends on the type of test you are writing. .... for only local unit tests, configure the unitTests {} block inside testOptions {} . ... Use the test coverage tool to determine whether you have adequately tested the .... What's new.