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Apr 1, 2016 ... In this tutorial, we are going to dissect an Android app. ... there's a lot you can learn by looking inside APK files of popular apps or apps created by professionals. ... apps, you can look at their code to get a better understanding of what they are ... Before you do so, you need to know the package name and ...


The Process is long and complicated. Here it goes :- Step 1: Make a new folder and put .apk file ... What you are trying to do is reverse engineering - getting the source code from an apk ... drop your apk file inside the extracted dex2jar folder.


Known Issues ... With just a few clicks, you can set up a JUnit test that runs on the local JVM or ... about how to add new tests to your app and run them from Android Studio. ... Open the Java file containing the code you want to test. .... To specify options for only unit tests, configure the unitTests {} block inside testOptions {} .


Among other things, the manifest file does the following: ... Note: As you prepare your Android app to run on Chromebooks, there are some ... The code snippet below shows the general structure of the manifest file and every element that it can contain. .... For truly optional attributes, it mentions a default value or states what ...


The sample Android app in this tutorial is a very simple application that ... Then you'll use the android_binary rule to tell it how to build the Android ... The target is specified as the name of a build rule inside a BUILD file, with ... What's next.


Unrooted: Sadly, what you want to achieve does not seem to be possible without ... After starting the activity from the above code, one way you could start/stop ... Check out the following link: Creating a system overlay window ...


Android. What's not to like about this platform? It's free, it's customizable, ... App icons should not be placed inside a rounded rectangle (unless that's your ... As you learn Android programming, you will come to know and fear this message.


Feb 3, 2016 ... But the next paragraph provides the crux of what you need to know to ... This layer does not contain any framework specific code and you should .... Again, this Interactor code has no idea that it will live inside an Android app.


Jan 19, 2017 ... On the next window of the Android Studio wizard you can leave the Minimum SDK ... jar file and a sample application that you can use to see what the library offers. .... Run the app and you should be able to play the video specified in the code. ..... Can i know how to fetch my channel all videos in listview?