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Both the MLA and the APA style guides require book titles to be either italicized or underlined. If you are following the Chicago Manual of Style, book titles must be italicized.


May 29, 2012 ... Do you italicize book titles? Underline them? Put book titles in quotes? Here's the real scoop on how to handle styling book titles in your writing.


Italics and underlining are used to emphasize titles of books, poems, short stories , and articles. This guide will show you how to use these techniques properly.


According to APA style, most book titles would be written in italics rather than underlined. This only applies, however, if the title can stand...


books; periodicals (journals, magazines, newspapers); films; videos ... In short, a title you would italicize within the body of a paper will also be italicized on a ...


Likewise, because we are capable of rendering type in italics, you underline titles only ... Reports, Italics (8.193) ... I've always italicized (or underlined), and then what would you do if you were talking about a chapter within the book, and then ...


Before computers, we used typewriters to underline book titles, and we placed quotation marks around article .... Also do you include the author of the book?


Prior to computers, people were taught to underline titles of books and plays and to surround chapters, articles, songs, .... When you write a play title, do you underline it? ...... Reports can follow different formats, such as MLA or Chicago style.


Aug 20, 2012 ... Get an answer for 'If you are writing an essay do you underline, use quotation marks or italicize the book title?' and find homework help for ...


a listing of types of titles you would underline or put in quotation marks. Underline or Italics. • Title of a book. • Name of a magazine. • Name of a newspaper.