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Acanthurus chirurgus, commonly called doctorfish or doctorfish tang in English and barbero rayado or cirujano rayado in Spanish, is a tropical marine fish ...

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Find out what's known about Doctorfishes, Acanthurus chirurgus, Actinopterygii, Perciformes, Acanthuridae, including their world range and habitats, feeding ...

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Doctorfish (Acanthurus chirurgus) is an omnivore, semi-aggressive fish that lives in Western Atlantic.

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The Doctorfish is readily identified by its brown stripes, but it can present itself in variable colorations. Mood can play a role in this but so can the substrate.

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Marine; reef-associated; depth range 2 - 25 m (Ref. 7345), usually 2 - 15 m (Ref. 27115). Subtropical; 22°C - 25°C (Ref. 27115), preferred ?; 43°N - 47°S, 98°W ...

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Eastern Atlantic: from the coasts of Morocco to Angola (Ref. 3149); including Cape Verde archipelagos and the Canaries. Also recorded from southern Spain,  ...

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Florent's Guide To The Caribbean Reefs - Doctorfish - Acanthurus chirurgus - Surgeonfishes - - Surgeonfishes - Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida, Bermuda, Gulf of ...

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It showcases a pair of Doctorfish, swimming together in their natural coral reef environment. The coral is crafted from crystal too for maximum sparkle.

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Range Description: Acanthurus chirurgus is found from South Carolina, USA ( juveniles are found to Massachusetts, it is rare north of Florida), Bermuda, and the ...

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Spa (thermal) tourism is gaining increasing importance in health tourism. Turkey has numerous thermal sources that have been used to cure a number of ...