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Shutter speed


Slow shutter speed combined with panning the camera can achieve a motion ... value as a 1/200 s shutter speed with an f/2.0 aperture, or 1/25th second at f/5.6.

Drawing to Scale - Archaeologica

www.archaeologica.org/Drawing to Scale.htm

Using a measuring device called a scale, we can create accurate drawings of both very ... You just drew a line that is 5 meters long at 1:200, meaning that if you  ...

1:200, 1:500. 1:1250 Scale? Confused? - BuyAPlan.co.uk


Mar 13, 2013 ... Often talked about but sometimes not understood, maps scales are important when buying a planning map. So here goes.. All maps are made ...

Scale Rules. Printable Scale Rules 1:1 through 1:200 Metric


If you don't have a (correct) scale rule, you can print this page, fold the paper and use as a ruler. Print this page (at 100% printer scale) and check the 1:1 scale ...



This can be interpreted as follows: 1 centimetre (0.01 metre) measured with a ruler ... So on a 1:200 scale plan, if you measured a wall length as 1 centimetre the ...

Flight Miniatures Model Airplane Scale Reference Chart


The scale refers to the size ratio, for example, 1:200 scale means one inch on the model is equal to 200 inches on the real aircraft. So a Boeing 727 model in ...

How to Read and Interpret Scales - DA Online - DA Planner´s Online ...


Assessing a Development Application How do you Read a Development Plan? ... 1:200 – one centimetre is equivalent to 2 metres/200 centimetres (this is best ...

David Baker Architects: HOW-TO: Metric Scales

www.dbarchitect.com/us/writings/105/HOW-TO: Metric Scales.html

This guide will help you get a feel for what's going on by relating common metric ... 1:200 1 cm = 2 m. 1" = 1/16' sixteenth inch scale (actual scale: 1" = 16.66').

Map Scale/Accuracy | IGIC


As the number represented by the fraction gets larger, so does the scale. ... A map at a scale of 1:2,400 (1 = 200) is a smaller scale map than a map at a scale of ...

Unit 19 Section 2 : Plans


Because the scale is 1 : 200, the real life measurements will be 200 times larger. ... to convert to the "real life" measurements first, and then do the calculations.

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