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Also, all living donors are awarded points for their donation so if they ever need a kidney later in life, they will be given priority on the deceased donor list.


Leave your thoughts -->. APOLLO HOSPITAL is urgently in need of O+ve ,A+ve B+ kidney donors. If anyone is willing to donate his/her Kidney,... View Article ...


Oct 2, 2015 ... Last year more than 4,000 Americans died while waiting for a kidney transplant, and many more people will die if they do not get the proper ...


A friend of mine recently joked that I could always sell a kidney. Well, I'm not that desperate (yet), but the fact remains that I can't sell a kidney, at least not legally.


Oct 8, 2015 ... Need a kidney? ... I will find you a donor and you can go home with a new kidney in a month ... When anybody calls, I tell them she is my sister.


Jun 17, 2013 ... Desperate need for money, lack of adequate organs lead to ... group is 'A' positive and anybody interested, can contact him over the phone.


Nov 16, 2004 ... I dont have any other option rather to sell my kidney. My blood group is B+. If anyone need kidney who will pay for it then contact me. I m really ...


Whether you need a kidney or are considering donation, let us help you start the ... Individual donor or recipient experiences can vary from those presented. ... NKF PEERS, connects anyone affected by kidney disease with an informed and ...


Wonderful question! I'm sure there must be many out there keeping an eye over this question ... Even selling your organs to any family in need, is a crime. Besides, you'll be risking your own life by doing such a deed. Moral: drop the idea! 45.1k Views · View ...


“It was easy, rewarding and a small contribution that will have made a big difference to ... Colin McLachlan, donated a kidney at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.