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Does bread mold grow faster in a light or dark area? | Reference.com


Bread mold grows fastest in areas that are dark, warm and damp. It is possible for mold to grow in cooler, drier or more brightly lit conditions, but the mold growth ...

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Sliced bread goes stale faster than whole loaves. ... Unlike plants, which need light to produce food, mold can grow in complete darkness. Light neither ...

Does Mold Grow Faster in the Light or Dark? | eHow


Whether mold grows faster in a light or dark environment depends on other ... However, mold does ... or thrown out a loaf of bread covered with black mold, .

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PROBLEM: What conditions make bread mold grow the fastest? ... Enrichment: What could you do to test to see if mold grows better in light or dark? Write a ...

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This bread mold experiment will help your child learn about mold, and he'll develop ... What conditions does your child think are conducive to mold growth in nature? ... Different types of mold grow in the dark versus the light, and cold versus ...

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Bread mold will grow faster in a warm and damp environment. Background. Bread Mold If a slice of bread was left outside for a few days, some light hairy kind of ... are placed on the 1st slice of bread and it is kept in a dark and damp place,

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Several examples might persuade us that light has little ... However, same fungi do require light for ... hyphae located on the darker side grow faster than those ...

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other fungi often grow on decaying plant material, such as fruit, bread, and ... Does mold grow faster in the light or in the dark, or the same in both light and dark?

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Just as with humans, bread is easier for mold to digest than are the grains themselves. Dairy products, and ... Does mold grow faster in the dark or light? wikiHow ...

How to Make Mold Grow on Bread: 10 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Making mold grow on bread is not only a great project for the local science fair, ... If you have allergies, you might not want to do this experiment as it may ... This is why mold often grows in dark, damp areas such as basements. ... Remember, fresh bread will mold faster than store-bought bread containing preservatives.

Does Mold Grow Faster in the Light or Dark?
Mold is a type of fungus, the spores of which are found in almost every environment, according to Florida Solar Energy Center. Whether mold grows faster in a light or dark environment depends on other environmental factors.... More »
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Why does bread mold grow quicker in dark, wet ... - MadSci Network


May 7, 1997 ... Re: Why is it that bread mold grows quicker in dark, wet and warm conditions? ... These enzymes work faster when the temperature is higher (as long as it ... Molds do not need light for normal growth, because they do not ...

How Does Mold Grow? - Kidzone


Super simple science section for kids - learn how mold grows. ... SAMPLE 1: Take a piece of bread and slice it in half (it can be a few days old, ... Leave one half in the dark (a paper bag or cupboard) and the other half in strong light ( sunlight ...

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We are going to perform a mold bread experiment to grow our own mold and find out whether mold does indeed grow faster at higher temperatures. ... not be getting much light it is best to cover the 'C' bags to make sure that light is a constant.