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Does chewing gum improve students' test performance? ... Make sure that each task that you put together can be easily altered. You want the test to look ...


Double the pleasure, double the… intelligence? Find out how chewing gum can boost brainpower.


Nov 20, 2015 ... This post discusses the ways in which gum chewing can positively affect your mental faculties. Chewing can make you smarter!


Sep 20, 2012 ... The students who chewed gum saw an increase in their test scores ... Do you think that chewing gum can help you on your tests, or do you think ...


This experiment will evaluate if chewing gum affects studentsâ test performance.


Dec 8, 2011 ... If it doesn't have anything to do with sugar or gloucose, how does chewing gum improve your mental abilities? Well it all has something to do ...


Nov 29, 2011 ... Chewing gum boosts mental focus, but the effect dies after about 20 minutes. Frontal Cortex ... Of Chewing Gum. Why do people chew gum? ... The gum will help you concentrate, but the help won't last long. This latest paper ...


Mar 27, 2013 ... ... shows that gum won't help you eat healthy, but it might make you smarter. ... Another gum chewing study making headlines dispels the myth that gum ... in their head, they thought 'I have to chew gum before every meal - do I ...

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Sep 16, 2008 ... A different argument, which can be used either for or against the Gum-Smart hypothesis, involves state-dependent learning: when you are ...