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Because nummular eczema can look like ringworm, it is important to make sure that it is not a fungal infection, especially if it is not responding to treatment.

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Jul 30, 2008 ... With the blotchy rash with fine ring like scaling spreading ... It knew it wasn't eczema nor psoriasis, neither acne ( I do have acne ). .... on Thursday but my dermatoligist took one look and diagnosed my red circular splotches as ...

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Discoid eczema can start as a small group of little blisters or red spots but then develops into a ... The skin between the discoid eczema patches looks normal except that, in general, ... If this happens, discoid eczema is sometimes mistaken for ringworm. ... Feels like my Heart beating in ear anyone else experiencing this.

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Jul 6, 2016 ... A rash appears that looks like red coin-shaped discs, or plaques of eczema. ... The patches can range in size from 2 to 10 centimeters in diameter, and a ... Discoid eczema is sometimes confused with ringworm, a type of ...

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According to Patient.co.uk, discoid eczema can resemble ringworm, sometimes leading people to mistake the eczema for ringworm. The similarity in appearance  ...

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Ringworm is a common skin infection otherwise known as tinea. It is caused by a fungus. While there are multiple forms of ringworm, the most common affect the ...

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Of course, for a 100% accurate diagnosis, you should see a doctor to find out if you've got eczema or ringworm. We can tell you what each condition looks like, ...

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Nov 22, 2011 ... I know what it looks like & her leg is poerfect circle about size of nickle. Red, darker around edge, light inside. She said it does not itch. So here ...

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Some types of eczema can look exactly like ringworm, especially in babies, says Natasha Burgert, MD, FAAP, pediatrician at Pediatric Associates in Kansas City, ...

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He said it may be nummular eczema, or ringworm, but he is baffled to what it could be. ... Maybe in the beginning stages, but then when I errupt, I get what looks like .... I have other itchy areas on my neck, arms, legs, and back, but i can't see ...

Does Eczema Look Like Ringworm?
Knowing the difference in appearance between eczema and ringworm is very important. Although they may sometimes look similar, they do have very distinct visual appearances as well as different reactions to specific treatment.... More »
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Other conditions that occasionally look like ringworm include seborrhea, psoriasis, ..... My Dr said it's eczema but the cream she prescribed didn't do anything.

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May 20, 2016 ... Knowing what to look for can help determine which skin condition you're ... Visible psoriasis like this may be a source of embarrassment and ...

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... as ringworm, rosacea, eczema, contact dermatitis, and seborrhea can look red, itch ... A few, like ringworm and impetigo, are the result of your skin coming into ...