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Sex differences in memory


Although there are many physiological and psychological gender differences in humans, ... however, that specific differences in cognition - including memory - do exist. ... This effect increased whe...

Short Term Memory Based on Gender


once, which would involve the use of short term memory. If women are better at ... We wanted to find out if gender made a difference in how much a person could ... position and saccade direction have a major affect in the detection of scene ... asking them various questions such as “Do you have 20/20 vision?” Once this is  ...

Who Have Better Memories: Men or Women? | Britannica Blog


Feb 27, 2008 ... Long-term memories are basically short-term memories that have ... variations in biological actions and presumably have unique affects on the ...

Does Gender Affect Short-term Memory? - Buzzle


Jul 21, 2009 ... Short-term memory is the ability of our brain to retain information for a short duration of time. Some believe that gender plays a role in affecting ...

Liz B. - Short Term Memory: Boys vs. Girls - Science Project 2005


The Effect of Gender on Short-Term Recall ... and B groups randomly making sure that there is the same number of boys in A as in B. Do the same with the girls .

Examining the relationship between gender and short term memory


The objective of this experiment is to investigate whether the gender of a person will affect his or her ability to recall information from his or her short term ...

Does Gender Affect Short-Term Memory?


wanted to know if gender really did affect your short-term memory. ... learning that the objects you would remember on the board were related to your gender.

Gender Differences in Adult Word Learning


Mar 9, 2011 ... The suggestion that gender differences on short-term memory tasks may be ..... However, the phonological familiarity effect was stronger for women (B ... learning, but that women tend to do so to a greater extent than men.

Sex influences on the neurobiology of learning and memory


Thus, while rotation does seem to engage working memory, it also seems to ... Likewise, both autobiographical memory and episodic memory, measured in the short term, ... While the termgender differences” is used in many of the papers we discuss, ..... Effect sizes for cited studies of sex differences in navigation, by task.

who remembers what?: gender differences in memory - Projects at ...


Information in long-term memory takes a variety of forms. Tulving ... and females do not differ in overall memory ability, although inter- est, motivation and training could affect the content of what is remembered. ... However, it fell short in.

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The Influence of Gender on Long-Term Incidental Memory - Student ...


The Influence of Gender on Long-Term Incidental Memory ... gender effects the information individuals unintentionally retain in their short term memory. ... Holdsworth, 1992), however, gender stereotypes do affect memory as Herrmann et al.

Does gender affect short term memory | General center ...


Dec 15, 2010 ... Gender and Memory Stereotypes or not, we have all heard a thousand times, about situations where men forget about important dates, like ...

Gender differences in memory test performance among children and ...


Gender differences among children and adolescents were examined on 14 separate measures of short-term memory. ... differences in memory test performance in children and adolescents really do exist. ..... that the ANOVA is affected due to the relatively large sample size and small actual difference between the variances.