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Does getting your nose pierced hurt? | Yahoo Answers

Jun 25, 2011 ... So I'm kinda nervous about getting my nose pieced. On a scale of 1 to 10( 1 being no pain and 10 being the worst) how bad does it hurt? Getting Your Nose Pierced Hurt?&v=eHj1vk_iy8o
Oct 31, 2013 ... Ikr same, it's normal to have tears when you get your nose pierced .... one question how long does it hurt for because you are supposed to be ...

Does getting your nose pierced hurt? - Quora

There is always pain when getting a piercing - but with a skilled piercer, it should be minimal, and limited to the swift puncture of your skin.

What It's Like to Get Your Nose Pierced | Her Campus

Apr 21, 2015 ... I decided to get my nose pierced last week. ... I'm not going to lie: it hurts. ... If you' re considering getting a piercing, whether on your nose or ...

How much do nostril piercings hurt when you get them? - Quora

How much does it hurt for a young woman to get her ear pierced? Piercings: Does having a nose ring increase sneezing or other nasal issues? Teri Solow ... The process will have you feel a stick from the needle, and your eyes will water.

Does Getting Your Nose Pierced Hurt? | LIVESTRONG.COM

Getting your nose pierced is a big decision. Facial piercings are not easily hidden and take longer to heal than ear piercings. While there may be some pain, ...

How bad does a nose piercing hurt? | Funadvice

everyone has mixed depends on your tolerance I is my opinion that getting my ears pierced hurt more than my nose... I have my nose ...

Nose Piercing Pain, Does Nose Piercing Hurt - KnoLab

Apr 11, 2015 ... Does getting your nose pierced hurt or does a nose piercing hurt? Learn more on nose piercing pain as well as whether it hurts or not. You will ...

Nose Piercing FAQs | Painfulpleasures Inc

After that, your nose shouldn't hurt per se, but you may feel a dull ache and/or throbbing for a little while after you get ...

How to Not Be Afraid to Get a Tattoo/Piercing: 5 Steps - wikiHow

Does the needle freak you out as well as the gun? Here's how to ... If it's your ear lobes you're getting pierced, you don't have to worry... ... It never hurts. It's just ... This includes anywhere on your ear besides the lobe, septum, and nose. Also in  ...

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Q: Does getting your nose pierced hurt?
A: i got mine done and i didnt think it hurt i mean i did it myself cuz i cant trust someone else with a neddle around my face....but if u go get it donr they put ... Read More »
Q: Does getting your nose pierced hurt?
A: i just got it done yesterday well he did it from the needle not the wee gun 1 so it was bout 6 honestly not all that bad and its quick it made my eyes water but... Read More »
Q: Does getting your nose pierced hurt?
A: Everyone tries to act like piercings don't hurt but I have had 13 of them and they do, the nose being the worst. It's think cartilage, of course it hutrts. But ... Read More »
Q: Does getting your nose pierced hurt?
A: when getting your nose pierced there are two different ways to get it pierced. With a gun or with a needle. I highly recommend you get it done with a gun as it ... Read More »
Q: Does getting your nose pierced hurt?
A: Many people claim that nose piercings do hurt at the moment it is pierced, but the pain quickly fades! Read More »