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Sep 26, 2010 ... Me getting my tongue pierced! .... talking about the ghost pepper challenge, try having your tongue pierced ... does that even hurts?? or not.

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Are Tongue Piercings Painful. Does tongue piercing hurt? ... Unlike getting your ears pierced, tongue piercings are not as common. Here's an overview of the ...

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Jun 5, 2009 ... I have my nose pierced that didn't hurt at all, I've heard that is 1 of the most painful piercings. WRONG. I got my eyebrow pierced that was ...

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Does it hurt to have a tongue piecing or what is the normal pain level expected for a tongue piercing? What of the pain after you have already pierced your ...

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Does it hurt? ... Is there a way to hide this piercing when I get it done? ... It is a lot LESS painful than biting your tongue It is a little uncomfortable for a couple of ...

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Piercing your tongue is not something you should do at home. While the tongue is known for healing quickly, you can easily do permanent damage, and/or cause death if you don't know ... It could cause it to stretch, and not to mention it hurts.

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Aug 16, 2013 ... Proper care of your tongue piercing provides pain relief. ... Taking proper care of your piercing and your body is the best way to get pain relief and avoid infection. ... If your tongue swelling does not go down, you have difficulty breathing or you have a foul-smelling ... Does Getting Your Nose Pierced Hurt?

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Feb 12, 2008 ... [dollars are fine :o) ]; does ur tongue bleed a lot right after you get it? how ... As far as the pain it hurt somewhat, but I mean it's not the worst pain in the ... You must leave the piercing one in because your tongue needs the extra ...

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Some people say that it hurt some say that it doesn't hurt well let me tell you the truth on it. No the needle does not hurt but the clamp that they use to grip your ...

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I have mine done alone with 4 other piercings and I have to say the tongue was the worst. For me at least. A lot of people that I have talked to said that th...

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Q: Does it hurt to get your tongue pierced?
A: It really doesn't hurt. On a scale 1 being the least, 10 being the worst; a 1. I got mine done when I was 12, and all I felt was some pressure. Make sure you ea... Read More »
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Q: Does it hurt to get your tongue pierced?
A: I have had my tongue pierced and basically it took mine to heal about 2 weeks but it's how fast your cuts heal really and personally it hurt for a week and a ha... Read More »
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Q: Does it hurt to get your tongue pierced?
A: Not medical advice: Yes, it does. But not nearly as much as you might anticipate. Suck ice chips! Read More »
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Q: Does it hurt to get your tongue pierced?
A: Yes it kind of hurts depends on your tolerance of pain. More than anything I would say it is more uncomfortable than painful for a few days afterward. It can sw... Read More »
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Q: Does it hurt to get your tongue pierced?
A: No, it didn't hurt that much. Best way to think of it is how much did it hurt the last time you bit your tongue. It is around that, if it is done right it will ... Read More »
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