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Lady Gaga Admits She Has a Penis - Gawker

Feb 24, 2010 ... "I want to wear a dick strapped to my vagina." Say what? Does that mean she doesn't have a dick? That all the proof that she had lady parts ...

Lady Gaga Talks Penis Rumors | Hollyscoop

Feb 23, 2010 ... Lady Gaga is finally addressing those rumors from last year that she may have a manly part on her. ... So does she have a dick or what?

Lady Gaga: I Love The Rumors That I Have A Penis - Huffington Post

May 24, 2010 ... Gaga assured fans she is all female with her skimpy Grammys costume (NSFW), but that's not to say she's glad people are no longer ...

Lady Gaga Gender Rumors Debunked Once And For All (PHOTOS ...

Feb 2, 2010 ... Just in case there was any residual doubt that Lady Gaga was harboring a penis under her glittery stagewear, photos from her amazing ... Lady Gaga Have a Weiner?&v=2_uNqlHhZ0U
Feb 21, 2012 ... Lady gaga talks about how she has a penis and how hard it was growing up and keeping that a secret.. Enjoy : )

Rumors About Lady Gaga's Privates Finally Debunked? -- Vulture

May 23, 2010 ... Perhaps uniquely among all the journalists in the world, I can now factually confirm that Lady Gaga does not have a penis. That rumour can ...


Sep 21, 2011 ... Penis? Huh? The question is one that has been asked extensively over the past few years since Lady Gaga burst onto the scene: Is Lady Gaga ... Lady Gaga is an Hermaphrodite?

Jan 31, 2010 ... Is pop star Lady Gaga an hermaphrodite? ... the bike, her underthings can, and have been (at least by some), mistaken for a vestigial penis.

Lady Gaga Hermaphrodite Picture Sparks Rumors - Celebrity Gossip

Aug 7, 2009 ... Is Lady Gaga a hermaphrodite? Put another way, does Lady Gaga have a penis? That seems very hard to believe, but hey, if you believe ...

How did the "Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite/has a penis" rumor start ...

Jan 25, 2010 ... The article in question doesn't refer to the possibility of Lady Gaga having a "dick, " ... They have their audience and they're not about to change. ... What does it say about our culture that we latch on to something like this?

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Q: Did Lady Gaga have a weiner?
A: actually she was interviewed and it was confirmed that she did in fact have a "wiener" im not sure what the medical term is though. Read More »
Q: Does lady gaga have a?
A: of cours not < Read More »
Q: Does lady Gaga have a pensie?
A: No, she is 100% female Read More »
Q: Does Lady Gaga have a stardoll?
A: Yes and it's lady_gaga3267 Read More »
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A: yes she has a mansion. Read More »