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There are no proven studies to conclude that lime keeps snakes away. Lime can be dangerous to people and pets, especially when it becomes wet. It can cause severe burns and blindne...

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What Does Work As A Snake Repellent? What does work against snakes? ... Pest Control · snake away.

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There are no powders, liquids or flashing lights that will keep them away. Snakes are not repelled by sprinkling lime on the ground or by putting moth crystals ...

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How Do You Keep Away Snakes From Your Yard. ... to do to get rid of snakes. You will be amazed at what just mowing your lawn will do for your snake issue.

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Apr 3, 2009 ... Does lime keep copperhead snakes out of your yard?

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One such purported repellent is pelletized lime, normally used to reduce soil acidity. ... mineral or chemical compound has been proven to keep snakes away. The most effective deterrent for snakes is keeping your yard mowed and removing ...

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Apr 8, 2009 ... I am SO afraid of snakes and don't want them with-in a million miles of me !! The only ... I have also been told that lime will keep snakes away.

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Jan 8, 2007 ... I heard snakes stay away from it because it will dry them out ... I've always heard a snake wouldn't cross lime but never have I seen it ...

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Jan 13, 2010 ... No. Lime does not keep snakes away. Although your uncle may swear it does, it doesn't. I realize a guy at work saw it with his own eyes, but ...

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We are treating mouse problem, spraying for bugs , keeping water sources down, eliminating all litter .... GREAT advice on the other snakes, will remember that. .... If you put lime down don't water it that will only wash it away.

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Q: Does Lime Keep Snakes Away?
A: Lime does not keep snakes away. Although your uncle may swear it does, it doesn’t. I realize a guy at work saw it with his own eyes, but he’s lying to you. Ther... Read More »
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Q: Does lime keep snakes away?
A: I am researching my family and have come across an occupation in the 1891 census of LIME KEEP can you help Read More »
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Q: Does hydrated lime keep snakes away?
A: No lime does nothing for snakes. Read More »
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Q: Does powered lime keep snakes away.
A: Lime neutralizes odors & is all natural, hence; I do not think it will repel any wildlife. Read More »
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Q: Does lime really keeps snakes away?
A: crush up moth balls and spread them around the fence line. Read More »
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