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The definition of luck (or chance) varies by the philosophical, religious, mystical and emotional .... Accidents and epidemics are typical examples. Ignorance luck, that is, luck with factors one does not know about. Examples can be identified only ...


Feb 6, 2012 ... Do some people have more of it than others (just as some people are better ... It has sometimes been suggested that luck exists only if a certain ...


Some people think that life is only a question of “Good Luck” or “Bad Luck”. That everything just happens by chance, that one day you can get cancer without ...


Mar 6, 2015 ... You're at the casino and you win big – a lucky fluke, divine intervention or inner smarts? The answer's against the odds.


Statisticians do their best to isolate skill from luck, but when it comes to people it is ... Whether or not you personally believe luck exists as a real entity, research ...


Jan 13, 2016 ... How is it some seem to attract career opportunities easier than others who own the same qualifications? Is it really just job search luck?


Feb 11, 2008 ... In past generations, success was synonymous with hard work. In today's consumer and glamour society, faith in luck has replaced faith in hard ...


Mar 16, 2017 ... Good luck. Bad luck. All of the luck. We take a look at what psychology has to say about luck and whether or not such a concept actually exists.


Luck does not exist because it is not proven. Therefore, luck is not existent. For instance, unicorns do not exist. But it is not proven so we do not know if this is a ...


Good luck? Bad luck? Who knows? There was a farmer who used an old horse to till his fields. It was his sole source of livelihood and his existence depended on it.