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There is no evidence that music has a significant effect on plant growth.

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Aug 29, 2016 ... These experiments confirmed that music does affect plant growth, but how it is possible? In what way does sound affect plant growth?

Science Fair Projects - Effect of music on plant growth


Science fair projects - Effect of music on plant growth - view this science fair ... radish seeds can be used in each pot in case some of the seeds do not germinate.

Does music have any effect on plant growth, if so why and how?


Whether music affects plant growth has been the subject of many, many science fair projects. It seems as though it is uncertain whether music really does have ...

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Jan 2, 2017 ... The experiments prove that music increases the plant growth. The visible light and ... I had read about the influence of music on the growth of plants. I told him that ..... Where in the United States Does Wild Ginseng Root Grow?

Music And Plants - How To Use Music To Improve Plant Growth


The right music can produce tremendous improvements in growth. The wrong music can do the opposite. ... had “proven beyond any shadow of doubt that harmonic sound waves affect the growth, flowering, fruiting, and seed-yields of plants”.

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Sep 10, 2016 ... From the soothing tones of classical music to the peppy beats of jazz, it has the ability to change our mood. But does music affect plants, too?

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Feb 19, 2010 ... The project investigates the affect music has on plant growth while experimenting with rock, ... Does the type of music affect plant growth?

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There are few research studies "Dr. Singh, head of Botany at Annamalai University in India ... Can plants listen to music? Do toothpicks affect a plant s growth?

Effect of Music on Plants – An Overview - IJIIT

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including those of music on the growth pattern of plants as observed by many researchers have been reported ..... [3] (2014) G. White, “Does music affect plants ?