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Itachi Uchiha

Itachi is the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha and is responsible for killing all the .... Telling his brother that he does not have to forgive him, Itachi tells Sasuke that ...

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He encouraged Sasuke to become strong enough to kill him and take .... Itachi tells Sasuke he does not need forgiveness and that he will always love him no ...

Sasuke's REAL Reason for wanting to kill Itachi, a naruto fanfic ...

Oct 18, 2007 ... Follow/Fav Sasuke's REAL Reason for wanting to kill Itachi. By: Self-Proclaimed KingofDDR. Why does Sasuke REALLY want to kill Itachi? Sasuke Kill Itachi&v=UMaUj_tG9cI
Feb 28, 2010 ... Itachi!!!! Nooooo!!! Waaaaah I hate that he died!! Itacchhhiiii! ... that's brilliant when Sasuke does his first chidori and music goes same tempo as ...

Does Sasuke kill itachi - Answers

Yes Sasuke does kill Itachi bacause they meet at the Uchiha house and they battle each other but itachi still cares about sauske and he dosent want to kill him  ...

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No one kills him. He died ... Does Obito Uchiha die in the Naruto anime? ... Sasuke kills Itachi, it's more like Itachi died on his own but still.

Why did itachi tell sasuke he needed to kill his best friend to get the ...

Nov 6, 2014 ... Someone explain! I want to be wrong that kishi didnt intend for itachi to be good.

How did sasuke get mangekyou sharingan without killing his best ...

Because Sasuke gotten the Mangekyou Sharingan frm Itachi,Itachi uses his power transferring to Sasuke.So,What i meant is Itachi killed his ...

In what episode did Sasuke return to Konoha (leaf village) in Naruto ...

all of you are wrong what actually happens is that after sasuke kills itachi, tobi ... so far in the anime he dosn't, but in the manga in chapter 700 he does return.

How well do you know Sasuke? -

They didn't fight. 12. Why does Sasuke leave the leaf village? To gain power to kill Itachi. So Sakura Would forgive him. To become a mercenary like Zabuza.

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Q: Does sasuke kill itachi?
A: Does sasuke kill itachi? ANSWER Itachi did die but for an entirely different reason and he did destroy the uchiha, but it was for the opposite reason actually, ... Read More »
Q: Does Sasuke kill itachi?
A: : all that writing and NOT a clear answer to the question... Does Sasuke Kill Itachi? NO, Sasuke does NOT kill Itachi. Sasuke may have wounded Itachi, But his (... Read More »
Q: Does sasuke kill itachi?
A: yes, he did. Source(s) Read More »
Q: Does Sasuke Kill Itachi In the Manga?
A: no, itachi isnt dead, as you can see on the last page sasuke is looking up at something, if you look at itachi, his eys are still open, and itachi is looking up... Read More »
Q: What episode of Naruto does Sasuke kill Itachi in?
A: OM / Naruto / Chapter 366 is when Sasuke kills Itachi. Go ChaCha! Read More »