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Unopened, packaged tea can last a year beyond any "best by" date stamped on ... Tea gone bad only means that the natural oils in the leaves has evaporated ...


Tea can go bad quite quickly when it's not completely dry, but otherwise, it will stay ... Let's go through the most important pieces of information about storing tea.


How long is tea good for? The good news is that tea, if properly stored away from air, light and moisture, will never spoil. That said, tea will gradually lose its ...


Some of us buy tea in bulk and overload our pantries with it, so after some ... so it seems reasonable to think that tea (especially loose leaf tea) will also spoil.


Keeping tea in the freezer is generally considered a bad idea unless you vacuum ... It's funny to see westerners asking "when does tea go off"?


Brewed tea can spoil, because it can support bacterial growth. In fact, even processed tea bags can carry the bacteria they picked up while growing, being ...


Sweet tea is basically a carbohydrate rich nutrient broth. It's the perfect growing environment for all kinds of microbes. It goes bad because ...


So you are basically asking if ice-tea is bad for your health. When you put the boiled water/tea ... You can't be sure that the tea bag itself does not extract any unwanted stuff. I wouldn't really .... Does iced tea ever go bad? We hear news that ...


Jun 11, 2010 ... Foodborne pathogens can survive in brewed tea, but for tea brewed at an ... to the top if it stays in there for a long time, but never seen it go bad.


May 26, 2011 ... The amount of time tea is stored and the method by which it is brewed—steeping a tea bag versus using loose leaf—influence the ...