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Jun 30, 2016 ... We've discussed how you can use toothpaste to fix minor scratches on ... Look at the glass, and if that did the trick, wipe the excess toothpaste ...


Four Methods:Polishing with ToothpasteAbrading with Baking SodaBuffing with Metal PolishUsing Nail .... How do I remove scratches from a glass top table?

Jul 3, 2016 ... Does the toothpaste remove the scratches on your smartphone screen ? ... Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats ...


Remove scratches from glass with these 3 easy methods, and restore your tabletops, windows, and ... Toothpaste doesn't just keep your teeth squeaky clean .


Feb 17, 2011 ... All you need is a lint-free cloth, a non-gel TOOTHPASTE (one with baking soda is even better), and a damp cloth. First, clean the glass well and ...


Jun 22, 2009 ... It's important to use a toothpaste, rather than a gel, because it's the gritty ... You can also use toothpaste to remove small scratches from glass.


Nov 8, 2011 ... Are you ready to learn how to fix scratched glass? ... Applying a paste made from a mixture of water, white toothpaste and baking soda is ...


Discover how to effectively remove scratches from your eye glasses with items ... Use a cotton or soft wool cloth with a little non-abrasive toothpaste to quickly buff away scratches on eye glasses. ... Do not rub the compound into the lenses.


Dec 1, 2015 ... Here are a number of methods for removing scratches from glass that have worked ... Does a scratch on your glass table top make you scream? ... Toothpaste (the non-gel kinds) used as a polishing compound will sometimes ...