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Product - SABRE Red Pepper Spray, Police Strength, with Durable Pink Key Case, Finger Grip, Quick Release Ring, 25 Bursts (Up to 5x Other Brands) & 10' ...


Buy Mace PepperGard Pepper Spray at Walmart.com. ... A.This can be found in the home improvement department at Walmart with the home and personal ...


Buy Mace Triple Action Police Pepper Spray at Walmart.com. ... not signed in. To proceed you will need to either sign in or create a new account ... Good to carry.


Buy Sabre Red USA-Formula Pepper Spray Keychain at Walmart.com. ... how many shots does this container have & can/where do I get refills if necessary? 2 answers .... It's small and compact makes it easy to carry with you in your pocket.


Search Product Result. Product - Mace Triple Action Police Pepper Spray ... Product - Mace Pepper Gun Pepper Spray, Black with Strobe LED. Product Image.


This maximum strength pepper spray will help you feel more safe and secure .... A.As of August 2014, you no longer need a permit/ID card to carry pepper spray.


A police officer said this is what I need so I got it and carry it when I walk my dogs. ... When you buy the mace pepper spray gun what does it come with?


Think about how you will carry your pepper spray canister. Many cans come in a compact case or holster that is attached to your keychain. Cyclists can attach a ...


Best Answer: It depends on where you live. If your Walmart sells guns, that's where they keep the pepper spray. Now, they can't sell guns in my ...


You can buy pepper (OC) spray from a variety of locations in the United States and even on the internet. Many retailers like Walmart, or any sporting goods store , firearms dealer, and many pharmacies will sell OC spray.