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Does the IRS know if you're married? | Reference.com


The IRS does not necessarily know the martial status of taxpayers; the IRS goes by whatever statuses the taxpayers choose on their returns, notes Marketwatch.

Married Filing Jointly and Proof of Marriage | Finance - Zacks


The IRS requires little proof to verify your marriage. ... Can I File as Single and Head of Household if I'm Still Married but Estranged? Do Insurance Companies ...

Your marriage and the IRS - MarketWatch


Jun 11, 2013 ... When you get married, your tax situation changes — for better or for ... However if you can prove that you didn't know about your spouse's tax ...

No Offense Honey, I'm Filing My Taxes Separately - Forbes


Feb 17, 2015 ... 95% of married couples file taxes jointly, but it can be a mistake. Separate filing ... In Choosing the Right Filing Status, the IRS lists pointers about filing status options. ... Why Doctors in the Know No Longer Prescribe Metformin.

Can I File IRS Taxes As a Single Person When I Am Married ...


Once you tie the knot, the IRS requires you to file as a married individual in most cases. ... I'm the Head of Household: Can I Still Claim My Child as an ... Can I ...

Top IRS Audit Triggers: What You Need to Know - LearnVest


Jan 17, 2012 ... Top IRS Audit Triggers: What You Need to Know ... The audit can be conducted either by mail or in person, and there are three possible ...

Crap..Tax return issue. Filed single but Im married. - BabyCenter


Jan 26, 2010 ... I`m on my moms insurance as her dependent, even though I am married. ... She said IRS wouldnt know, etc, and that if i filed married that insurance ... You can also claim "single" with zero dependents on a W2, but that is a ...

Seven Tax Tips for Recently Married Taxpayers - IRS.gov


Sep 5, 2014 ... If you recently got married or are planning a wedding, the last thing on your mind is taxes. ... Figuring the tax both ways can determine which filing status will result in the lowest tax, but usually filing jointly ... Know Your Rights.

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separate) or can qualify for head of household or single filing status. ... duplicate claim situation and how the IRS applies the tie breaker ... She says - Yes, I'm still married but separated. ... You know if she files Married Filing Separate she can ...

Eight Facts About Filing Status - IRS.gov


May 15, 2013 ... There are five filing statuses: Single, Married Filing Jointly, Married ... filing status options the IRS wants you to know so that you can choose the ...

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Q&As for recently married or divorced taxpayers - Tax Topics - TaxAct


What government entities do I need to notify when I get married or divorced, and how do I notify them ... This is especially important if you are expecting correspondence or a refund from the IRS. ... What if my spouse or ex-spouse cheated on our taxes, but I didn't know about it ... How do I file if I'm in a common- law marriag...

Ask The Taxgirl: Filing Single When You're Married | | taxgirl


May 17, 2010 ... Taxpayer asks: Hi, I am getting married july 2010 for personal reasons. ... are from that area so if there are any local laws I figured you could let me know). .... independent that can't be claimed under my parents if I'm filing my own returns? 3 . If getting this married year potentially led us to trouble by th...

10 Things You Need To Know About Getting Married &amp ... - Forbes


Oct 28, 2013 ... 10 Things You Need To Know About Getting Married & Taxes ... And when you put your signature on a joint tax return, the IRS will hold you to it ... Additionally, if you are filing a joint return and your spouse can be claimed ...