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Other Designated Physical and Mental Conditions Discharge: Fact ...


Common symptoms of some personality disorders include feeling depressed, ... It is essential that you do not lay all blame for your condition on the military.

Q: Can the military discharge you if you suffer from depression?


The military may discharge a soldier who has a mental condition such as depression. Any physical or mental illness that can interfere with a soldier's duty and ...

Getting Out - A Guide to Military Discharges

www.vfp109rcc.org/Getting Out A Guide to Military Discharges.pdf

Would you rather remain in the military and hope your discharge will .... If you are feeling depressed or helpless, or out of control, if you can't sleep or can't cope ...

Psychiatric Standards, etc.

www.med.navy.mil/sites/nmotc/nami/clinical/Documents/Psychiatric Standards.ppt

Major Depression; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; Panic Disorder; Minor Axis I Disorders may not need a ... the member is unfit for further military service is NO guarantee the member will be medically discharged ... You don't need a waiver.

Q&A: How the Army handles behavioral health issues - The ...


May 2, 2011 ... What conditions or behavioral issues are cause for discharge? ... When did you begin the effort to standardize the delivery of mental health ...

medical discharge/depression - Discussion on Topix


Mar 8, 2009 ... First off I have a great record in the military and good remarks all around. ... But no matter what i do Im always so depressed and full of anxiety. .... illness what type of discharge do you get and are you still considered a Marine?

My son may be getting an administrative discharge for depression ...


The administrative discharge should not interfere with him getting a job ... Can you tell me what has happened to your son since he got an ...

Depression & Military: Service Members & Spouses - Healthline


Mar 29, 2016 ... Military service members and their families have a higher risk of developing ... Depression is one of the most common mood disorders that can affect anyone at any time. ... separation anxiety; temper tantrums; changes in eating habits ... A counselor can also teach you how to cope with stress and grief.

Recently Discharged from Military - Depression - MedHelp


Feb 12, 2015 ... Hi I recently honorably discharged from the Navy after serving five years. ... Are there any support groups through the VA that you can attend?

Finally accepted diagnoses


The Dr diagnosed me with depression and gave me Paxil after a 20 minute ... Obviously the medical discharge process will now begin but in the meantime, I am a ... I am not in the military, so I cannot not help you there, but there are some here ...

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What kind of discharge is given for depression, and how long does it ...


Jan 6, 2015 ... What kind of discharge is given for depression, and how long does it take? ... I want to commend you for seeking help in this forum and I truly ... Call or Email For A Free Consultation With An Experienced Military Law Attorney.

Military Medical Policies | The Military Law Task Force


Medical discharge or retirement can mean important medical and financial .... Soldiers who have heard “you're depressed” from their military doctors may find ...

Depression and discharge? | Army Rumour Service


Is depression a reason for discharge and how likely is this? ... To be honest the Army has a duty of care, it will hardly put you back on the street ...