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How are magnets made? How does the shape of a magnet affect its magnetic field? Size is just one of the ways one can change the strength of a magnet.


mikki7477 - You have to compare apples-to-apples. Magnets made of the same material, such as alnico (an iron material containing aluminum, ...


It depends on the geometry of the size and what you want the magnetic field to be ... Where in a magnet is its strength the maximum? ... What affects the strength of a magnet? If two same ... Does the size of the magnetic domains within a permanent magnet depend on the size of that permanent magnet?


Apr 24, 2017 ... The strength of a magnet is primary determined by how it's made. ... Size. The bigger the magnet is, the stronger it will be. This even applies ...


Over the years, magnets have evolved into the high-strength materials we have today. ... Each domain, although microscopic in size, contains millions of billions of atoms and .... Shock and vibration do not affect modern magnet materials, unless sufficient to ... Can a magnet that has lost its magnetism be re-magnetized ?


Will neodymium magnets lose strength if they are held in repelling or attracting ..... coatings does not affect the magnetic strength or performance of the magnet, ... Each size of plastic- and rubber-coated magnet requires its own special mold.


Shock and vibration do not affect modern magnet materials, unless sufficient to ... the strength in Gauss, Magnetometers measure in Gauss or arbitrary units (so its ... and the size of the magnet (assuming that the measurement is being made at ...


The material will also determine how its flux is affected by temperature, and how easily ... Let's do an experiment to show the effect of temperature on magnets.


HOW DOES DISTANCE AFFECT THE STRENGTH OF A MAGNET ... more than a few times the size of the magnet) the magnetic field will ... which feels the force isn't a magnet but needs to have its magnetization induced by ...


In this lesson, students will explore the strength of magnets and experiment with changes in distance ... It also explores the immune system, specifically its involvement in allergies and asthma. ... The tape does not block the attraction of the magnet for the paper clip. .... How might the size of the magnet affect these results?