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How are magnets made? How does the shape of a magnet affect its magnetic field? Size is just one of the ways one can change the strength of a magnet.


mikki7477 - You have to compare apples-to-apples. Magnets made of the same material, such as alnico (an iron material containing aluminum, ...


When you have a 1 inch square magnet that is 2mm thick and you ... The mass of magnet doubled but you did not see anywhere near that ... Does the size of the magnetic domains within a permanent magnet ... If two same cylindrical magnets are attached as NSNS then will its magnetic strength increase?


Apr 24, 2017 ... The strength of a magnet is primary determined by how it's made. ... Size. The bigger the magnet is, the stronger it will be. This even applies ...


Will neodymium magnets lose strength if they are held in repelling or attracting ..... coatings does not affect the magnetic strength or performance of the magnet, ... Each size of plastic- and rubber-coated magnet requires its own special mold.


Can the diffrent shape of magnets affect the magnetic strength? If so, how? ... A pointy magnet can focus more of its strength into the the "pointy end". But the real  ...


Over the years, magnets have evolved into the high-strength materials we have today. ... Each domain, although microscopic in size, contains millions of billions of atoms and each ... Its polarity depends on the direction of the current flow. ... Shock and vibration do not affect modern magnet materials, unless sufficient to ...


Sep 29, 2014 ... There are 8 factors which will affect magnetic force. ... The magnetic force for grade N45 is higher than grade N35 for the same size magnet. ... Sintered ndfeb magnet is easy to be oxidized and then loss its magnetic force.


The material will also determine how its flux is affected by temperature, and how easily ... Let's do an experiment to show the effect of temperature on magnets.