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Twins are two offspring produced by the same pregnancy. Twins can be either monozygotic ... Women who have a family history of fraternal twins have a higher chance of producing fraternal twins thems...

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Find out whether the tendency to conceive twins is an inherited trait that runs in ... cycle (hyperovulation) is a genetic trait that can be passed from mother to child.

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Mar 18, 2002 ... There is no doubt that twinning seems to run in some families. ... on the chance of twins, although he can pass the tendency to his daughters.

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Apr 15, 2016 ... Find out if twins run in families with this explanation of the genetic ... So, in families where the women have a tendency towards hyper ovulation, ...

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There is no evidence suggesting that identical twins run in families. ... Even if there is a genetic tendency to produce twins in the male line, a man's sperm cannot ...

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Identical twins do not run in families and can happen for any couple with any ... to luck, coincidence and chance rather than any familial genetic tendency.

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My Dad is a twin (I think fraternal, he looks nothing like his brother) and I ... ( Guess I am hoping as I don't think non-identical twins run in the family). ... twins can be hereditary down the female side (due to tendency to produce ...

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Ever wonder if giving birth to twins runs in the family or can happen naturally ... If one female in the family has this genetic tendency, she can transfer it to her ... This is why a woman who conceives at an older age is most likely to produce twins.

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Apr 21, 2015 ... for example, in my family (on my father's side), there have been only boys for the last 5 ... As a result, individuals that produce more males are more ..... A tendency in females to select normal males, e.g. by only wanting to have ..... "Imagine that, on September 11, 2001, when the Twin Towers came down, ...

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16 hours ago ... So is that why having twins can run in a family? ..... However, as we have PCOS, there's also a tendency towards weight gain and we're .... carried by either sex but only expressed by males, since females dont produce sperm.

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Jun 25, 2014 ... My husband has on his side of the family twins (fraternal) and triplets - boys. Is our son ... On the other hand, fraternal twins can run in families.

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Apr 7, 2013 ... I often get emails inquiring, "My grandmother's uncle was a twin. ... Hyper ovulation is the tendency to release multiple eggs during ovulation, ... Fraternal twins "run in families" on the mother's side only, if she inherits the gene ...

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Aug 27, 2012 ... Are the genes for twinning very rare or do they just rarely produce twins? ... However, because fraternal twins can be the result of a gene on the ...