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Ultimate fate of the universe


[edit]. The fate of the universe is determined by the density of the universe. The preponderance of ...

Brief Answers to Cosmic Questions


Does the Universe have an edge, beyond which there is nothing? Are the ... Does the term "universe" refer to space, or to the matter in it, or to both? Evolution of ...

Does the universe have an ending? | Debate.org


I believe the universe has an ending. We are taught that the universe does not have an ending, but in my opinion everything has some type of ending or has to ...

BBC - Earth - How will the universe end, and could anything survive?


Jun 2, 2015 ... How does the universe end? The science is much less settled on how that will happen. We're not even sure if the universe will come to a firm, ...

Does the Universe have an Edge? - NMSU Astronomy


The short (but rather confusing) answer is that the Universe has no edges. It has no ... It has two ends, and a centerpoint (six inches in from either end). How can ...

At the end of the universe, where does everything go? - Quora


This being the case, many cosmologists believe that the ultimate fate of all matter in the universe is that it will end up being sucked into black holes, as all the ...

does the universe end anywhere? ..... nad if it does, what lies - Askville


According to our modern understanding of physics, the universe does have an end to it, but it may very well not be a physical border in the usual ...

Where does the universe end? - The Globe and Mail


Dec 14, 2009 ... Is space infinite? Is it defined by how far light has travelled since the big bang? And if I am not at the centre of the universe, what is?

10 Theories On How The Universe Will End - Listverse


Apr 11, 2014 ... And just like we want to know what happens when we die, science has asked how the universe will end for as long as man has been able to ...

Time Will End in Five Billion Years, Physicists Predict


Oct 29, 2010 ... The universe will cease to exist around the same time our sun is slated to ... But according to a new paper, there's one theory for the origins of the universe that predicts time itself will end in just five .... What does this portend.

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Q: Does the universe end?
A: Does the surface of the earth end? No, it is possible to go around and around forever - BUT the surface area of the earth is finite. It is similar with the univ... Read More »
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Q: Does the Universe end?
A: This question keeps coming up on Y!A. If you subscribe to the theory that this universe is the only one, as most physicists do, you have to accept that our univ... Read More »
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Q: Does the universe have an end?
A: here is a condensed version of what i believe. much as the earth appears flat to a person on the surface, the universe appears to be flat to scientists. but jus... Read More »
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Q: Does universe have an end?
A: Does The Universe End? The laws of physics state that an object in motion must stay in motion, unless affected by another force. Therefore, the universe would s... Read More »
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Q: Does this universe has an End?
A: The word NOTHING implies no space no time environment.Yes it is there.and that is where our universe is expanding.it seems to be infinite but we dont know for s... Read More »
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