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Guard dog

A guard dog (not to be confused with the attack dog or watch dog) is a dog used to guard against, and ... The following breeds are the best at watch dog barking:.

Top 10 dog breeds for protection | Cesar's Way

Their extreme family loyalty makes them excellent guard dogs. 7. ... While all of the above breeds are known to make good family pets, owners must take into ...

The 10 Best Guard Dog Breeds -

The 10 Best Guard Dog Breeds. When it comes to protecting your home, there are several types of dogs. Some are alert barkers, meaning they will let you know  ...

Best Guard Dogs for Families |

Aug 7, 2015 ... Some breeds understand the family and will protect each member as though it were one of its own. We have ranked the ten best guard dogs for families. ... They have thick fur, which makes them respond well to colder ...

Best Guard Dogs - American Kennel Club

Guard dogs protect you and your property. Read the American Kennel Club's advice and descriptions of top guard dog breeds.

Watch Dog Breeds, Best Watch Dog List

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Top 20 Protective Breeds | Dog Reference

Mar 13, 2014 ... 10 Dog Breeds That Really Are Man's Best Friend SassyWhale ... loyalty, and the willingness to do whatever necessary to guard and protect their families. ... Search far and wide for all manner of dog breeds, but you will never ...

Best Guard Dogs for Families | Family Circle

Most dogs are natural protectors. Some will even put themselves in harm's way to save their human family. These breeds make loyal family guard dogs. But keep ...

Top 10 breeds to use as guard dogs - SheKnows

Jan 14, 2014 ... Originally bred to herd sheep, this large, intelligent dog breed is naturally ... Best known for its role as Lassie, the Collie is an inherently ...

A list of the dog breeds that make the best watchdogs

For those choosing a watchdog, this page will tell you which dog breeds make the best watchdogs.

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Q: What is the best dog breed for kids and makes for a great watchdo...
A: Labs! They are gentle and great with kids, but they are also very protective and large enough to scare most outsiders away. Read More »
Q: What breed makes the best watchdog?
A: Terriers or any kind. They're also VERY hardy dogs, some are good for rodent control as well. Please understand the difference between a "watch" and "guard" dog... Read More »
Q: What breeds of dogs make the best house pets?
A: Greyhounds. Contrary to popular misconception, greyhounds are NOT high energy dogs. They are sprinters: you take them for a walk, or let them run around the yar... Read More »
Q: What is the best dog to have as a watchdog
A: There are 3 good watchdogs: Rottweiler, German Shepherd & Doberman ... ...MORE... Read More »
Q: What breeds make the best sled dogs?
A: alaskan husky alaskan malamute chinook eskimo Read More »