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While there are differences in the types of viruses that infect humans versus dogs, the symptoms are basically the same: sneezing, coughing, runny or stuffy nose ...

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Feb 13, 2017 ... As with humans, when your dog has a cold, it is often best treated with simple home remedies to help soothe and relieve cold symptoms.

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Canine adenovirus type-2 is a major cause of common kennel cough, and it produces symptoms that are often mistaken as signs of a run-of-the-mill dog cold.

Dog Flu Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention: How to Keep Your ...


Dogs can get the flu, too. Know the causes, symptoms, and treatment for this virus so you can keep your dog healthy. From WebMD.

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Nov 3, 2015 ... Can dogs catch colds? Yes, they can, and the symptoms can range from mild to severe depending on the type of cold virus he's caught (just as ...

Dog Cold Symptom Relief: Causes and Treatment Tips


Aug 14, 2015 ... How to treat any dog cold symptom such as sneezing, coughing and congestion. Home remedies and other treatment tips for canine respiratory ...

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May 30, 2013 ... Just like you can catch a cold from your husband through a kiss or ... Symptoms in pets: Skin lesions and patches of hair loss with a red mark in ...

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Clinical signs of “dog flu” typically appear suddenly. Most infected dogs have mild symptoms, including a persistent cough that can be moist or dry and usually ...

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Jun 28, 2011 ... How do we make sure it isn't something more serious, like kennel cough? ... Here are some tips to help your dog feel better if they have a cold. ... And as always, if symptoms get worse or don't change after a few days it is time ...