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May 13, 2016 ... Here are our top seven solutions to help stop your dog's digging ... areas; Add digging deterrents; Get rid of rodents; Help your dog cool down.


Jul 8, 2009 ... Dogs dig for many reasons: some dig out of natural instinct and others dig to find a cool area to lie down or a means of entering or escaping.


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If your dog is digging and destroying your yard, take a deep breath. ... Countless commercial dog repellent sprays are available from pet retailers. You can spray ...


After dealing with possible reasons why your dog digs -- boredom, fear, separation anxiety -- try citronella oil, a natural, mostly safe solution. The oil comes from ...


Has your dog turned your yard into a moonscape with craters everywhere? If so, the first thing you should know is that your dog isn't doing this out of spite or a ...


If you think Fido is purposely digging up the yard to upset you, think again. Digging behavior is often triggered by other factors -- Fido might be bored or lonely, ...


There are many reasons a dog likes to dig including breed, exploration, attention ... use any chemical deterrents-especially those formulated to keep out wildlife.


Mar 24, 2017 ... Dogs dig for many reasons — boredom, hunting, comfort, attention-seeking, and ... Even a minor barricade may prove enough of a deterrent.