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Symptoms To Watch For In Your Dog: Excessive Drooling


Apr 5, 2012 ... Dogs drool; there is no way around it. Some will drool more, some less, depending on the breed and other factors. (From our observation also ...

Dog Drooling Causes, Problems, Infections, and More - WebMD


WebMD discusses dog drooling and salivary problems in dogs including types, symptoms and treatments.

Dog Drool, Excessive Drooling in Dogs, Dog Drooling Too Much on ...


Now, you're probably wondering, “What do I do if I didn't see anything at all unusual in my dog's mouth?” The truth is that drooling can be caused by things ...

Why would a dog suddenly start to drool excessively? - Quora


Any number of oral/dental diseases or systemic illnesses can cause drooling. The fact that it's a sudden and unusual event is a very good reason to have a ve...

Excessive Dog Drooling - What Are Some Causes?


This page looks at some common causes of excessive drooling in dogs. ... If you cannot find anything unusual in your dog's mouth, consider the following ...

Excessive Production of Saliva in Dogs | petMD


... such as the St. Bernard and the mastiff, are known for excessive drooling. ... unilateral lesions), hold the head in an unusual position while eating, or drop food ...

What's Going on With My Dog Drooling So Much? - Vetstreet


Jul 23, 2012 ... Ever wonder why your dog is drooling so much? ... excess drool, in general, isn't indicative of a health problem, unless it's unusual for your dog.

Excessive Drooling/Watering Mouth??? - Dog Health Forum - Dogster


Oct 6, 2007 ... Nallah has been drooling a lot in the past few hours. We've noticed that her mouth keeps dripping and its like her mouth is watering ...

My dog suddenly started drooling excessively. Why? | Yahoo Answers


Dec 5, 2009 ... She is acting very lethargic and as if she does not feel good and is very calm which is unusual for her. My other dog is also drooling but not as ...

Popular Q&A
Q: My dog is drooling unusually more than normal?
A: My family thinks it's because my step mom's pregnant and he knows that there's something in there, he just doesn't know what. I think they're right. What do you... Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: Why Dogs Drool.
A: Drooling is a natural response in dogs when they are expecting food. Drooling readies the dog to eat by lubricating its mouth. When a dog knows that dinner time... Read More »
Source: www.ehow.com
Q: What Causes Lethargy & Drooling in Dogs?
A: Lethargy and drooling can be signs of poisoning in dogs. They can also be symptoms of other conditions such as hepatic encephalopathy or gastric dilatation. All... Read More »
Source: www.ehow.com
Q: What causes drooling in dogs?
A: Dogs sweat by panting with their mouths wide open and their tongues hanging out, and dogs who get decent excersise (excuse me i know i spelled it wrong) would b... Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: Why do dogs drool?
A: Dogs do not sweat, like we humans do. Instead they pant. But in order for panting to help keep them cool, their tongue must be moist. They drool to keep their t... Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com