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Hypoallergenic dog breed


The term hypoallergenic dog breed is commonly used to refer to a dog breed (or crossbreed) that is more compatible with allergic people than other breeds.

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While no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, there are a variety of breeds that do well with allergy sufferers. These dogs have a predictable, non-shedding coat which ...

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Being allergic to dogs doesn't mean you have to give up owning a pet. If someone in your house is allergic, consider these hypoallergenic breeds.

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That said, if you're dead set on a furry pet, here are a few that are touted—but not proven—to be better for people with allergies. Next: Bedlington Terrier.

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A number of dog breeds are touted as hypoallergenic. They're described as the best pets for people with allergies to dogs because they tend to shed less than ...

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This list is updated as we become aware of other types of dogs people with allergies have had success owning. There are also many hybrid dogs that may also ...

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Mar 10, 2016 ... The perfect dogs for people with allergies ... The bichon frise is great for a family wanting a small, cheerful dog as an easygoing companion.

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Find the best dog for you and your family, and learn more about different types of dogs for allergy sufferers by browsing through our list of popular dog breeds.

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A list of hypoallergenic dogs that people suffering from allergies or asthma can have.

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If you are allergic to dogs but still love them, check out this list of the top hypo- allergenic dogs for people with allergies.

All dogs shed at least some hair, but some breeds shed a very minimal amount and are considered hypoallergenic, including Poodles, Shih-Tzus, Malteses, Cocker Spaniels, Yorkshire Terriers, and many more.