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Sep 6, 2016 ... Suda (“Ms. Suda”), trustee of the Donald J. Suda Revocable Trust (the “Suda. Trust”), for alleged mismanagement of the Suda Trust. Mr. Garcia ...


Oct 12, 2016 ... The purpose of a living trust or revocable trust is to provide for an easy ... of attorney for financial matters in case you become disabled or unable to handle your affairs. ... We don't know how it will affect your son's federal income taxes, but he ... Samuel J. Tamkin is a Chicago-based real estate attorney.


Why have a living revocable trust? Here are 6 surprising reasons you may or may not want to use this estate-planning tool versus a will.


Revocable Trust, Living Trust and Revocable Living Trust are terms used ... If you are competent to handle your financial affairs now, there's no legal ... Furthermore, if for some reason you decide you don't like the terms of the Trust, you can amend it .... Joseph S. Karp · Genny Bernstein · Mark A. Gotlieb · Adele Small Harris ...


If your living trust is revocable, as almost all are, it gives you great .... estate objectives, and you don't have to go through the formalities required to execute or change wills. .... in both your names, e.g., "the James and Ima Hogg Trust," instead of just one name; both spouses are .... alone in her home or to handle her finances.


Jun 29, 2016 ... A will is one method for passing an estate on to your beneficiaries. Another option is to create a revocable trust. Which strategy is best suited for ...


Sep 15, 2010 ... Among estate planning tools, the revocable living trust is gaining in popularity, ... privacy and avoiding probate," says attorney Thomas J. Bogar of Cheltenham, Pa . ... If you don't leave valid instructions about your estate, your property ... you unexpectedly become unable to handle your own financial affairs.


Irrevocable trusts are great tools to reduce the size of an estate, but before ... In many cases the trustee is much better equipped than the grantor to handle ...


Joan Watke Stacy · Jerry J. Sena · Michael F. Polk ... These days many people choose a revocable living trust instead of relying on a will ... mistake that sends their assets right into the court system: they don't fund their trusts. .... Your attorney can contact a title company or an attorney in that state to handle the transfer for you.