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Similarly, Fagaria et al. reported higher N use efficiency in 50 mgN treated with ..... dos Santos AB, Fageria NK: Physiological characteristics of common bean in .... Mulvaney RL, Khan SA, Hoeft RG, Brown HM: A soil organic nitrogen fraction that .... Yan V, Lynch JP, Beebe SE: Genetic variation for phosphorus efficiency of  ...

Assessment of genetic diversity in common bean (Phaseolus ...


Jul 1, 2014 ... 2010; Duarte et al. ... "Pair-wise similarities ranged from 0.47 (SA-34 vs. ... SA-03) , with an average of 0.68 across all pair-wise comparisons. " ...

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Benafan O., II S.A. Padula, Skorpenske H.D., An K., Vaidyanathan R., "Design and ... Brandao P., dos Santos A. M., Paixao L. S., Reis M.S., "Synthesis, ..... Gainaru C., Agapov A. L., Fuentes-Landete V., Amann-Winkel K., Nelson H., Koster K. W., .... Arthur T., Assadi S., Ayers J., Bach P., Badea V., Battle R., Beebe -Wang J.,...

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Notably, Chr04S and Chr11L contain the B4 (David et al., 2009) and Co-2 ..... N. W. G., Pedrosa-Harand, A., Thareau, V., Sevignac, M., Cannon, S. B., et al. ... Fonseca, A., Ferreira, J., Dos Santos, T. R., Mosiolek, M., Bellucci, E., Kami, J., et al. ... Freitas-Junior, L. H., Hernandez-Rivas, R., Ralph, S. A., Montiel-Condado, D ., ...

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Varfalvy, M.A. dos Santos and B. Matvienko. ... Adams, E. E., and S. A. Wells ( 1984), Field measurements on side arms of ... Amaral, M.C.E., V. Bittrich, A.D. Faria, L.O. Anderson, and L.Y.S. Aona. .... Barroso, M.C., M.P. Morim, A.L. Peixoto , and C. L. F. Ichaso. ... Beebe, W. 1917. ..... Derhamia hoffmannorum gen. et. sp. n.



sub- e supra registro / Juliana dos Santos Vaz ; orient. ..... 27. Referências. 1. Franz MJ, Bantle JP, Beebe CA, Brunzell JD, Chiasson JL, Garg A, et al. American.

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis on the Association between ...


May 21, 2013 ... Citation: Xu J, Yin Z, Cao S, Gao W, Liu L, Yin Y, et al. .... CC), heterozygote comparison (CT vs. CC), dominant model (TT+CT vs. CC) and recessive model ( CC+CT vs. ..... Schottenfeld D, Beebe-Dimmer J (2006) Chronic inflammation: a ..... Martins LC, Dos Santos SE, Demachki S, Assumpcao MB, et al.

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Oct 16, 2013 ... repeats located in the constitutive heterochromatin (Plohl et al.,. 2008). Despite .... G19833 and JaloEEP558 fixed in ethanol:acetic acid (3:1, v/v). Buds ... contains khipu (K.G.B. dos Santos, personal communication) in ..... M., Beebe, S., Gepts, P., and Vander- leyden, J. ... R., Ralph, S. A., Montiel-Condado,.

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... L, et al. Short vs Long Intramedullary Nails in the Treatment of Pertrochanteric Hip Fractures: Incidence of Ipsilateral Fractures and Costs .... MCQUEEN MM, Duckworth AD, Aitken SA, Sharma R, et al ... IRGIT K, Richard RD, Beebe M, Bowen TR, et al ...... CAPORRINO FA, Dos Santos JB, Penteado FT, de Moraes VY, et al

The role of near-infrared light-emitting diodes in aging adults related ...


Apr 10, 2015 ... Healthy Aging Research | www.har-journal.com. Ibe et al. 2015 | 4:24. 1. The role of ... and other semiconductor compounds in groups III-V of the periodic table have ..... Gist S, Tio-Matos I, Falzgraf S, Cameron S, Beebe M. wound care in ... Dos Santos SA, Alves AC, Leal-Junior EC, Albertini R,. Vieira Rde P ...

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Marilia Barbosa Chiavegato2; Luiz Antonio dos Santos Dias3; Carlos Augusto Colombo2. 1 ... cestors (Alzate-Marin et al., 2003; Beebe et al., 1995;. 2000; 2001  ...

Genetic diversity in cultivated carioca common beans based on ...


Mar 1, 2011 ... Molecular markers have been used for genetic mapping (Grisi et al., 2007), .... DNA Analyzer (Applied Biosystems) and analyzed with GeneMapper<sup>®</sup> v 3.7 software. .... (dos Santos et al., 1994; Halldén et al., 1994; Thormann et al., 1994; .... such as in common beans (Tohme et al., 1996; Beebe et al., 2001).

Chromosome identification in the Andean common bean accession ...


Jul 1, 2011 ... A large BAC library exists for this Mesoamerican cultivar (Kami et al., .... dos Santos, A. Fonsêca, K.G.B. dos Santos and A. Pedrosa-Harand, unpublished results). .... Blair MW, Pedraza F, Buendia HF, Gaitán-Solís E, Beebe SE, Gepts P, ... Kami J, Gepts P, Geffroy V, Schweizer D, dos Santos KGB, et al.

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... Wan M, Yu Y, Zhang M, Wing RA, Cregan PB, Rokhsar DS, Jackson SA. .... Ferreira J, dos Santos TR, Mosiolek M, Bellucci E, Kami J, Gepts P, Geffroy V, ..... 2003 Blair, M.W., F. Pedraza, H.F. BuendÃa, E. Gaitán-SolÃs, S.E. Beebe, ...

Genetic diversity in common bean accessions evaluated by means ...


... Lasry Benchimol<sup>II</sup>; Marilia Barbosa Chiavegato<sup>II</sup>; Luiz Antonio dos Santos Dias <sup>III</sup>; ... as they share common ancestors (Alzate-Marin et al., 2003; Beebe et al., 1995; 2000; 2001; ..... Crop Breeding and Applied Biotechnology, v.5, p.1-9, 2005 .