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Dream control involves using the conscious waking mind to control the subconscious dream state. According to Jordan Lite in "How Can You Control Your Dreams?," an article in "Scientific American," people can control their dreams more than they realize.... More »
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Lucid dream


Additionally, techniques were developed that have been experimentally .... While dream control and dream awareness are correlated, neither requires the ...

Control Your Dreams While Asleep | Snoozon.com


Dream control must be learned and these techniques take some practice at first ( which is why our course programs have separate sections on dream control ...

How Can You Control Your Dreams? - Scientific American


Jul 29, 2010 ... Although the heavy sedation and level of detail incited are far-fetched, dream control isn't entirely a Hollywood fantasy. Techniques to control ...

How To Control Your Dreams - World of Lucid Dreaming


Learning exactly how to control your dreams is a crucial part of lucid dreaming. ... to do anything in your virtual reality dream world by using certain techniques ...

Lucid Dreaming FAQ - The Lucidity Institute


Feb 16, 2015 ... 1.2 Is lucid dreaming the same as dream control? ..... Lucid dream induction techniques help focus intention and prepare a critical mind.

3 Ways to Lucid Dream - wikiHow


Three Methods:Using Dream Awareness TechniquesUsing the Wake Back to Bed ... Most importantly, you will have at least some ability to control your "dream  ...

Go places when you're asleep with lucid dreaming | Life and style ...


Jan 13, 2015 ... Fancy flying, or hanging out with celebrities? With simple techniques you can learn to control your dreams.

How To Control Your Dream (While You're Sleeping) - Huffington Post


Dec 12, 2014 ... The authors of A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming explain how we may be able to change and guide our dreams while we sleep, making us ...

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Once you attain dream awareness while dreaming, you can control dreams to anything ... Learn about the three most popular lucid dream induction techniques.

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Q: Anyone have a better lucid dream control technique?
A: Many people report having experienced a lucid dream during their lives, often in childhood. Although lucid dreaming is a conditioned skill,[20] achieving lucid ... Read More »
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Q: Lucid Dreaming and Dream Control Techniques.
A: Dreams fall into many categories, though there are really three broad types of experience people choose to pursue while lucid dreaming, each of which comes with... Read More »
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Q: What techniques can be used to remember more dreams, and control ...
A: It takes a little practice, but its called lucid dreaming. Before you go to sleep, tell yourself that you are going to wake up in any dream you might have. Afte... Read More »
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Q: Is there a technique for controling your dreams?
A: I don't really think there is a way to control you dreams. They do say that the last thing you think about before you sleep is what you're going to dream about.... Read More »
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Q: How to Spot Mind Control Techniques.
A: When people hear about mind control techniques, they either think of dangerous ideas such as cult brainwashing or lesser-known and usually more innocuous effort... Read More »
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