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Dress codes are written and, more often, unwritten rules with regard to clothing. Clothing like other aspects of human physical appearance has a social ...

Defining Dress Codes – What to Wear for Every Occasion


With so many different dress codes out there, it can be difficult to know what to wear, even when the type of dress requested is stated on the invitation.

Attire Guide: Dress Codes from Casual to White Tie - The Emily Post ...


Black tie, white tie; formal, semi-formal. Festive! Casual! Hitting the right note with attire can be confusing. Here are the details of how to dress appropriately for ...

The Sexism of School Dress Codes - The Atlantic


Oct 20, 2015 ... Although dress codes have long been a subject of contention, the growth of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, along with a resurgence of ...

What to Wear - Evenings | Carnival Cruise Lines


Most evenings we have a 'Cruise Casual' dress code but there are those 'Cruise Elegant' evenings one or two nights throughout the voyage where guests will ...

@6- ' : DRESS CODES 101


Quick Guide To Dress Codes And What They Mean For Him & Her ... Cos ual is basically a non-dress code, and you can wear comfortable clothing. FOR l-"M: ...

Gender-equal dress codes: Students call for fairness - CNN.com


Feb 25, 2016 ... (CNN) High school boys wearing dresses strike a pose with big smiles on their faces. They know they're breaking school rules, but they hope ...

Dress Codes | Reader's Digest


You've just been invited to a wedding, party, or business event. Here's a handy guide to help you decide what to wear when the dress code is… WHITE TIE

School Dress Code - Huffington Post


After being sent home because of her skirt, a high school student used social media to speak out against dress code rules. On Oct. 27, Carey Burgess p.

Demystifying the Party Dress Code for Women and Men - Real Simple


For those who are confused about appropriate party wear—and who isn't?—pro style sleuths crack today's often confusing dress code.

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Girls Speak Out Against Sexist School Dress Codes | The Nation


Aug 27, 2014 ... Young women are fed up with being pressured to curate their appearance and, by extension, others' potentially lecherous thoughts about them.

Dress Code Guide: What Every Type of Invitation Really Means ...


What hard-to-understand dress codes on event invitations actually mean, from " creative black tie" to "business formal".

Girls Fight Back Against Gender Bias in School Dress Codes - NEA ...


Jan 6, 2016 ... Criticized for unfairly targeting girls, school dress codes are getting a second look across the country.