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List of drill and tap sizes


One of the most common ways to produce such threaded holes is to drill a hole of appropriate size with a drill bit and then tap it with a tap. Each standard size of ...

Tap Drill Chart - NC State Physics


Imperial Tap Drill Chart. Machine Screw Size, Number of Threads Per Inch, Minor Dia. Tap Drills, Clearance Hole Drills. Aluminum, Brass & Plastics.

Thread - Drill & Tap Chart - Steven Henderson's Cutting Edge Designs


Machine Screw Size, Threads Per Inch, Minor Dia, Tap Drills, Clearance Hole Drills. Alum, Brass, & Plasitcs. 75% Thread. Stainless Steel, Steels & Iron.

Bolt Depot - US Tap and Drill Bit Size Table


Tap, Fractional Drill Bit, Number Drill Bit, Letter Drill Bit. 0-80, 3/64, -, -. 1-64, -, 53, -. 2-56, -, 50, -. 3-48, -, 47, -. 4-40, 3/32, 43, -. 5-40, -, 38, -. 6-32, 7/64, 35, -.

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Tap Drill. Clearance Drill. Metric Tap &. Clearance Drill. Sizes. 75% Thread for. Aluminum, Brass,. & Plastics. 50% Thread for. Steel, Stainless,. & Iron. Close Fit.

Tap Drill Sizes - Newman Tools Inc.


Taps drill sizes , inch and metric , and tap drill calculator.

Tap Drill Chart - Lincoln Machine, Inc.


To Tap This Size Screw Or Bolt: Use This Drill Bit: (Closest Fractional:). Decimal Inches. 0-80 NF. 3/64". 3/64" .0469. 1-64 NC. #53. - .0595. 1-72 NF. #53. 1/16".

Standard Tap Drill / Clearance Holes Table - Engineer's Handbook -


Machine Screw Size, Threads Per Inch, Minor Dia. Tap Drills, Clearance Hole Drills. Aluminum, Brass & Plastics. 75% Thread. Stainless Steel, Steels & Iron.

Tap & Drill Sizes - Curious Inventor


For thread engagements more than 1.5 diameters deep, 50% is usually sufficient. Most taps drill are sized to drill a slightly larger hole than what a 100% thread ...

Tap and Drill Size Chart - American Fastener Technologies ...


THREADSIZE, DRILL DIAMETER. Coarse Thread. TAP DRILLSIZE. 1-64 .0595, No. 53. 2-56 .0700, No. 50. 3-48 .0785, No. 47. 4-40 .0890, No. 43. 5-40 .1015 ...

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Q: What Size Hole Must I Drill to Tap for a 3/8-16 Bolt?
A: Having the correct size hole prior to threading for a bolt is critical; the incorrect size can ruin the project. There are a few variables to consider before cu... Read More »
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Q: What is the tap drill size for tapping an m10 bolt hole?
A: For Metric sizes only. Diameter of thread minus the pitch Read More »
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Q: What size hole would you drill for a half 13 bolt tap?
A: I am unsure what you mean by a "half 13 bolt tap" Could you Read More »
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Q: Why do gunsmiths drill screw holes slightly under the minor size ...
A: The hole would have no metal to cut the threads in if the hole were drilled the same diameter as the tap. Read More »
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Q: If a tap/drill size hole is given as 3/8-32, how big is the hole?
A: 3/8-32 means a 3/8 diameter hole and 32 threads per inch. If you are tapping this hole yourself, the drill size will need to be slightly smaller, maybe 11/32" d... Read More »
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