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Is that date on my milk carton an expiration date? Is it ok to drink milk past that date? ,

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Question: My teenage daughter refuses to drink milk after the date on the carton, but I've always felt it was safe ... Are Eggs Still Safe After the Expiration Date?

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The printed expiration date on milk is really just a sell by date, and milk is usually still good for a few days ... What happens if you drink milk past its printed date?

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Aug 17, 2011 ... We asked some food safety experts whether or not it's safe to drink milk after the printed expiration date. And if so, for how long? Here's what ...

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I have decided the expiration date on test strips is a ploy by the drug ... And we're not even going to talk about the impact of people who drink directly from the ... While milk is either good or bad, test strips might be fine in the "normal range" after ...

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Feb 11, 2016 ... Expired? Food waste in America (Rebecca Richman Cohen) ... out of fear that she might get sick if she drank my dad's past-date milk.

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Apr 21, 2015 ... Answers related to the sell and use by dates, how to store milk and how to tell if milk is bad. ... use it to compliment your favorite meals even after its "sell by date" ... the most reliable instruments to tell if your drink has gone bad.

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Some people believe the date is an expiration date -- it is not. ... Milk is still safe to drink for at least five to seven days after the stamped date as long as you store ...

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If you bring milk home from the store and open it on the sell-by date, it may be good for anywhere from two to five more days. That assumes you close the ...

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Apr 13, 2015 ... If you drink milk past the expiration date, you run the risk of developing food poisoning from unhealthy bacteria that might have grown in the ...

Drinking Milk After the Expiration Date
Chances are most of us can confess to pulling a carton of milk out of the fridge, frowning when noticing the expiration date has passed and then unscrewing the lid to subject it to the "smell" test. When milk is pasteurized, most of the truly harmful bacteria... More »
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Oct 18, 2008 ... Best Answer: Yes you can drink milk past the expiration date as long as it is not " spoiled." You'll have to check, by smell, every time you drink ...

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Jan 29, 2016 ... There's usually just a "sell by" date, which isn't all that helpful. ... A really good one, in terms of survival: If you drink clearly sour and expired milk, you might ... of whole milk's expiration date is five days after the "sell-by" date.

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Depending on the source, milk should be fine to drink up to a week after the expiration date, according to WebMD. However, there are factors that can determine ...