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Aug 16, 2013 ... During pregnancy, many common foods and beverages can cause unanticipated problems for the expectant mother or her unborn baby.


Jan 29, 2014 ... There are a few reported side effects of drinking vinegar that could be even more problematic ... Can Drinking Vinegar Kill an Unborn Baby?


Feb 4, 2015 ... Every pregnant woman knows to not drink or smoke. But new studies show that there are many other ways expectant moms put their unborn ...

Feb 18, 2014 ... Ambition vs Abortion, every Buddy must watch this...


Mar 6, 2014 ... A coroner has warned people to beware of internet myths after a woman accidentally killed herself when she drank vinegar to abort her ...


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Sia on can drinking vinegar kill an unborn baby: Abort your unborn child yourself. Please seek input from your ...


if you drink water and and vingar can u kill your unborn child, because ... not blood - due to her drinking vinegar then she would harm her baby.


Nov 14, 2003 ... i want to kill my baby tell me how with-out abortion ... Why don't you think about adopting you baby to a nice family? .... just drink vinegar. ..... heart because it may seem like the solution to kill this unborn child now, but trust me, ...


Nov 2, 2009 ... And if they noticed any benefits (or not) in themselves and/or baby. Helpful (521) ... I've seriously been thinking of just pouring vinegar into a glass and drinking it. ( Which hasn't ... All this processed "safe" food is killing us. :).


www.theguardian.com/./woman-accidentally-kills-herself-drinking-vinegar- abort- pregnancy ... Can Drinking Vinegar Kill an Unborn Baby? | LIVESTRONG.COM.