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Order of Presentation: The spells (or formulae) are listed in alphabetical order by name, except when a spell's name begins with “lesser,” “greater,” or “mass,” in ...

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Cantrips (0 Level) Create Bonfire, Control Flames, Druidcraft, Frostbite, Guidance , Gust, Magic...

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Level: 1. Name, Class, Effect(s), Mana, Skill, Target Type. spell icon, Minor Healing, CLR/1 PAL/6 RNG/8 DRU/1 SHM/1 BST/6, 1: Increase Hitpoints by 12 ( L1) to ...

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Druid Spells. Cantrips (0 level). Druidcraft · Guidance · Mending · Poison Spray · Produce Flame · Resistance · Shillelagh ...

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Lesser Vigor, Conjuration (Healing), A positive energy conjuration that heals 1d2, +1 per 3 caster levels (max +2 at caster level 6), every 2 seconds for 8 ...

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Mar 20, 2016 ... Druids have access to a variety of offensive and some support-oriented spells. Every two levels, druids automatically gain access to an ...

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Druid Spells. 0-Level Druid Spells (Orisons). Create Water: Creates 2 gallons/ level of pure water. Detect Magic: Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.

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Bard Spells · Cleric Spells; Druid Spells. Paladin Spells ... Docs »; Spellcasting »; Spells by Class »; Druid Spells; Are you a wizard? Contribute on Github ...

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1 Druid Spells. 1.1 0-Level Spells; 1.2 1st-Level Spells; 1.3 2nd-Level Spells; 1.4 3rd-Level Spells; 1.5 4th-Level Spells; 1.6 5th-Level Spells; 1.7 6th-Level ...

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<sup>F</sup> This spell has a focus component not normally included in a spell component pouch. <sup>M</sup> This spell has a material component not normally included in a spell ...

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0-Level Druid Spells (Orisons). Create Water: Creates 2 gallons/level of pure water. Cure Minor Wounds: Cures 1 point of damage. Detect Magic: Detects spells ...

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Jul 14, 2016 ... Druids possess fair healing abilities, powerful health regenerative spells, valuable enhancements that improve the health and armor of their ...

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