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Instructions for a Duct Tape Wallet
Duct tape is a popular medium for projects ranging from the quick fix-it to accessories and even outrageous outfits. The duct tape wallet is a classic duct tape creation. The result is a strong wallet with a very distinct look and feel to it. A... More »
Difficulty: Easy

Ducktivities® | Duck Tape® Flame Wallet - Duck® Brand

A duct tape wallet is an easy craft and creative gift idea that dads will love. ... I am planning on making a girls wallet by using your steps. your wallet came out ...

How to make a duct tape wallet | Boys' Life magazine

Step-by-step guide to making duct tape wallets. A duct tape wallet is fun and easy to make and will last for years.

3 Easy Ways to Make a Duct Tape Wallet - wikiHow

Even though gray duct tape was used you can use all sorts of colors! ..... the interior flap of the wallet body, making sure not to tape the opening of the wallet shut.
Use these to tape down the flaps to the back of the wallet. Position the tape so that you have about a 2" overlap on the top and bottom. Browse the Stencil Library to add hearts, stars, skulls, or lettering to your wallet. More »
By Rain Blanken, Guide Tape Wallet Instructions&v=05uSKHyHKz8
Apr 22, 2014 ... How to make a duct tape wallet for beginners! Super easy step by step instructions that will definitely help you made your first wallet (: This is ...

How To Make A Duct Tape Wallet - Instructables

Everybody needs a wallet, right? If you have a ... Picture of How To Make A Duct Tape Wallet. Everybody ... Tags:ducttapewalletdiyhow to makeduct tape. close.

Easy Duct Tape Wallet - Instructables

So I know there are already a bunch of these but here is my easy duct tape wallet . ... I think its pretty easy to follow clear instructions and pictures to match :).

High quality Duct Tape wallet **UPDATED** - Instructables

With a little time and patients, You too can make a quality duct tape wallet ... I LOVE these instructions so much - I've made two wallets so far, and edited the ...

24 Cool Duct Tape Wallet DIY Instructions | Guide Patterns

May 12, 2015 ... Who knew that duct tape, originally meant to be used as an adhesive tape for industrial as well as domestic purposes, would one day serve as ...

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Q: How do you make a duct tape wallet, can you give me instructions?
A: This is a rather simple project. http://www.rpi-poly... Read More »
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Q: How to Make Duct Tape Wallets.
A: 1. Cut several strips of duct tape that are about 8-inches long. Lay the first strip horizontally with the sticky side up. Lay the next strip with the sticky si... Read More »
Q: How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet
A: Pull 6 strips of duct tape off the roll. Each strip should be about 12 to 16 inches long. With each strip sticky side up on the table, gently overlap the strips... Read More »