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The dugong is a medium-sized marine mammal. It is one of four living species of the order Sirenia, which also includes three species of manatees. It is the only ...

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Dugongs are cousins of manatees and share a similar plump appearance, but have a dolphin fluke-like tail. And unlike manatees, which use freshwater areas, ...

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Dugongs are vulnerable to extinction due to the loss and degradation of seagrass meadows, fishing pressures, Indigenous hunting and coastal pollution,  ...

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Dugongs are more closely related to elephants than to marine mammals such as whales and dolphins. They are sometimes referred to as “sea cows” in ...

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The dugong is a large marine mammal found in the warm waters surrounding Indonesia and Australia. Although the dugong can be found widely throughout the ...

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This CPUE is considered an index of Dugong decline in the region from all causes .... Preliminary population-genetic and phylogeographic studies on Dugongs ...

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Dugongs occur in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. Dugongs are large grey mammals which spend their entire lives in the sea. Fully grown, they ...

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Dugongs, or sea cows as they are sometimes called, are marine animals which can grow to about three metres in length and weigh as much as 400 kilograms.

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia
Order: Sirenia Family: Dugongidae Genus: Dugong
Species: Dugong dugon
Dugongs are born a pale cream color, but they darken with age to a deep slate gray dorsally and laterally. The short hair is sparsely distributed over the body, save the bristles on the muzzle. The skin is thick, tough and smooth... More »
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