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Dump generally refers to a place for disposal of domestic waste. The word has other uses alone or in combination, and may refer to: ...

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Dump definition, to drop or let fall in a mass; fling down or drop heavily or suddenly: Dump the topsoil here. See more.

Recology SF- San Francisco Dump - Transfer Station


San Francisco's transfer station, also known as "the dump", is the local hub for resource recovery and sanitary disposal activities in the city. Here you can drop off ...

How to Dump Your Stuff | Zanker Recycling


How to Dump your items at Zanker Road Landfill How to Dump Your Stuff - Concrete, Site 1 How-To Dump Your Stuff: Construction and Debris, Site 2 How.

Dump - definition of dump by The Free Dictionary


To release or throw down in a large mass. 2. a. To empty (material) out of a container or vehicle: dumped the load of stones. b. To empty out (a container or ...

The Dump - America's Furniture Outlet


The Dump Furniture Outlet. Warehouse discount prices on furniture, mattresses, rugs and home decor.

Dump/restore utilities


Jan 21, 2015 ... Dump/restore utilities. This is the home page of the Linux Ext2 filesystem dump/ restore utilities. Dump examines files in a filesystem, determines ...

DUMP – Redis


DUMP key. Available since 2.6.0. Time complexity: O(1) to access the key and additional O(N*M) to serialized it, where N is the number of Redis objects ...

dump command — LAMMPS documentation


ID = user-assigned name for the dump. group-ID = ID of the group of atoms to be dumped. style = atom or atom/gz or atom/mpiio or cfg or cfg/gz or cfg/mpiio or ...

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I have to take a dump. A dull, gloomy state of the mind; sadness; melancholy; low spirits; despondency; ill humor (usually plural). March slowly on in solemn ...

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to put (something) somewhere in a quick and careless way. : to leave or get rid of (something or someone) quickly or without concern. : to end a romantic ...

Bulky Item Recycling Pickup - San Francisco - Recology SF


emblem-important Drop off materials at the SF Dump at 501 Tunnel Avenue! These materials include things like broken furniture, and large metal or plastic items ...

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dump ¶. New in version 1.5: The dump function was added in Twig 1.5. The dump function dumps information about a template variable. This is mostly useful to ...