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Pregnancy in fish


Pregnancy has been traditionally defined as the period during which developing embryos are .... There is considerable variation between species in the length of pregnancy. At least one group of fish...

How long does a fish stay pregnant? | Reference.com


The length of pregnancy in a fish varies greatly depending on the species of fish. The length of pregnancy, or gestation period, can vary from as little as three ...

3 Ways to Tell if Your Fish Is Having Babies - wikiHow


Over the course of a month or two (for most aquarium species), the eggs hatch into fish, and the mother ...

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Jan 23, 2012 ... Platy are livebearers, which means unlike most fish they dont lay .... Pregnant platy giving birth babies - Duration: 3:18. paul lim 206,387 views.

How Long Do Molly Fish Stay Pregnant? | Cuteness.com


Molly fish are easy to breed in a home aquarium and are often already pregnant when purchased at a pet store. They are peaceful fish that live well in...

Pregnant Guppy Fish - Small Pets - LoveToKnow


However, one pregnant guppy can quickly provide you with more fish than you might ... How to Identify a Pregnant Guppy Fish ... Length of Average Delivery.

Gestation Period for Guppies - Small Pets - LoveToKnow


Female guppies can get pregnant as early as one month old in a warm tank, ... female may eat her own fry, and guppy fry are a delicacy to many other fish.

Pregnant goldfish: Can goldfish get pregnant? | The Goldfish Tank


How do you tell if you have a pregnant goldfish and what do you call a pregnant ... Find out what you need to do now if your fish is in a bowl or small tank!

How Long Will The Platy Pregnancy Last? - 133219 - FishLore.com


Now, i don't know when she will give birth, or even if she's pregnant. .... Yeah, I'd go unused, for the health of the fish and your own personal ...

Duration of pregnancy in relation to fish oil supplementation and ...


Eur J Clin Nutr. 2007 Aug;61(8):976-85. Epub 2007 Feb 7. Duration of pregnancy in relation to fish oil supplementation and habitual fish intake: a randomised ...

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How long are tropical fish pregnant? | Reference.com


While the exact length of the gestation period for a tropical fish varies from species to species, the average pregnancy lasts about one month, give or take a week ...

How Long Is the Platy Birthing Process? | Animals - mom.me


The pregnant platy will behave pretty much the same as she does normally. There are no distinct behavioral changes to look out for. Like other live-bearing fish, ...

Pregnant Molly with Babies? - "Mollies" Fish with Community


The first sign of your Molly being pregnant is going to be a swollen stomach. Maybe you took a second glance at her and wondered if something was wrong or .