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Human rights in Germany


Human rights in Germany are protected extensively by the Grundgesetz. The country has .... The German citizen Khalid El-Masri was abducted by the CIA in 2005 and interred without .... Daschner and t...

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The constitution also contains the rights and responsibilities of people in ... All EU citizens living in Germany are allowed to vote at the EU elections and the local ...

German Civic Duties | eHow


German Civic Duties. Since 1949, the citizens of Germany have enjoyed the blessings of basic human rights and freedoms. Their constitutional law, the Basic  ...

Information in English language - Acquiring German citizenship


Anyone who holds German citizenship is entitled to the same rights and duties in Germany, regardless of the legal manner in which they acquired their ...

Naturalization / receiving German citizenship: Integration in Bonn


A child automatically receives the German citizenship by birth if the mother or father has the German ... Obviously, naturalization also is bound to some duties.

What are my duties as a proactive citizen? - Quora


Thanks for the A2A. This, I believe is a great question. Being proactive means being in control ... What are some duties, responsibilities, and privileges of German citizens? What are the duties of Japanese citizens? How do they carry out their ...

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Jul 1, 2004 ... B. Acquiring the German citizenship thru Naturalisation pursuant to Section 10 ... duties of a citizen vis-à-vis the state for generations as well.

How to get German citizenship or a permanent visa | Visas & Permits ...


After eight years you are eligible to apply for German citizenship, although ... and are subject to citizen and social duties, for example, court or electoral services.

German Chancellor - What Are His Or Her Powers And Duties?


Knowing how Germany operates and all about the German Chancellor is important for any citizen or knowledgeable traveler. First you must learn about the head ...

Citizenship in Germany - HWR Berlin


German Federal Constitution (Grundgesetz): Citizenship and the Länder. Article 33 GG. (1) Every German shall have in every Land the same rights and duties of  ...

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What are the rights duties and obligations of a German citizen


One of the duties and obligations (Pflichten) of German men (from ages 18-23) is to commit at least 9 months of their time to either ''Zivildienst.

Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany - Gesetze im Internet


To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority. (2) The German people .... (1) No German may be deprived of his citizenship. Citizenship may be  ...

Dual Nationality | U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Germany


As a general rule, a child born to a German citizen parent automatically ... Along with the rights and privileges of a citizenship come certain responsibilities.