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The Windrunner M96 is a bolt-action, magazine-fed rifle designed by American firearms ... EDM ARMS, Inc. has two facilities: one in Hurricane, Utah and another in Chino ... The new Model 12 is desig...

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50 BMG Windrunner M96 from EDM ARMS Inc. The Ultimate Sniper Rifle. ... These are the most desirable weapons for any firearms enthusiast. ... Our company also manufactures and sells several other Models, all are unique and ingenious.

Model 12 7.62 NATO - EDM Arms


Model 12 7.62 Nato. $2,975. (Click Pictures to See Larger Versions!) Call for more information!

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EDM Arms - M96 .50 Cal BMG - Custom Cal Rifles 50 .308 gun guns ...


The Windrunner M98 Tactical Takedown is a bolt-action, magazine-fed rifle chambered for the Browning Machine Gun cartridge (.50 Cal. BMG or 12.7 x99mm NATO). This rifle can be differentiated from all others in the fact that it can be ...

EDM Arms - Model 50 Windrunner - Custom Cal Rifles 50 .308 gun ...


M96 .50 Cal BMG | SS-99 .50 Cal BMG | 510 DTC EUROP | M98 .388 Lapua | . 408 XM Series.