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Eric L. Walters home page. Assistant Professor at Old Dominion University. A description of his scientific research, CV, and contact information.


Assistant Professor at Old Dominion University. Members of the Walters Lab.


Eric L. Walters Curriculum Vitae. Assistant Professor at Old Dominion ...


Ph. D. in Ecology & Evolution, Florida State University, (2004). M.Sc. in Biology, University of Victoria, (1997). B.Sc. in Biology, University of Victoria, (1990).


Age-related provisioning behaviour in the cooperatively breeding acorn woodpecker: testing the skills and the pay-to-stay hypotheses. WD Koenig, EL Walters.


Habitat and space use of the Red-naped Sapsucker, Sphyrapicus nuchalis, in the Hat Creek valley, south-central British Columbia. by. Eric Lawrence Walters.


are mediated by seed size in cork oak (Quercus suber L.) J.A. Ramırez-Valiente a , F. Valladares c,d, L. Gil b, I. Aranda a,* a Instituto Nacional de Investigacio´n ...


M. edulis L. occurs allopatrically in the Atlantic and sympatrically with M. californianus Conrad in the north Pacific. In sympatry the two do not usually coexist.


of each 10 µol/L primer. For all Fagaceae, single- banded PCR products of approximately 619 bp were recovered. These products were immediately cloned.


D. Eric Walters, PhD, joined the College of Pharmacy Faculty Leadership Team in ... R. D'Silva, T.O. Bahta, L.H. Sharaf, E.E. Udo, L. Benov, and D.E. Walters.