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Export Trading Company - ETC
An independent company that provides support services for firms engaged in exporting. This may include warehousing, shipping, insuring and billing on behalf of the client. In addition, export trading companies may help manufacturers find overseas buy... More »


Etc. or etc is an abbreviation of et cetera, a Latin expression meaning "and similar other things" or "and so on." ETC or etc may also refer to: ...


Et cetera abbreviated to etc., etc, &c., or &c, is a Latin expression that is used in English to mean "and other similar things", or "and so forth". Et means 'and'; ...


But when you go outside the lab, you risk not only the ire of anti-GMO groups like etc, but also the attention of regulators. Plants That Glow in the Dark Spark ...


Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc. Lighting solutions, control equipment for Theater , Film & TV studios, Architectural spaces and entertainment industries.


is thus sometimes sharply distinguished from "etc." in English, although the same abbreviation also can stand for the Latin et alia, which is a synonym of "etc.


What does the abbreviation etc. stand for? Meaning: et cetera.


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ETC Group's Long-Awaited 2016 Year-in-Review. Four Steps Forward, One Leap Back on Global Governance of Synthetic Biology (News/Press Release).


ETC is unparalleled in simulating environments for training, testing, and research and development for a variety of markets.