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Arabs are an ethnic group inhabiting the Arab world. They primarily inhabit the Arab states in ... The Arabs have their own customs, language, architecture, art, literature, music, dance, media, cui...

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It depends on who you mean by "the Arabs". If you are referring to Arab citizens of any state, even Israel, then most Arab land-holdings are in the Galilee region ...

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The leader of an Arab tribe is call a shaikh or sheikh. ... What is The meaning of Clan or Tribe Name in Arabic? .... Each arab tribe had its own what or leader?

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Since Arabia did not have a government, and since the Arabs were anarchists by instinct, they ... Economically, the Jews were the leaders of Arabia. .... They worshipped numerous idols and each tribe had its own idol or idols and fetishes.

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After 400 A.D., both empires paid Arab tribes not only to protect their ... The Sabaeans of southern Arabia followed their own system of beliefs, and these had some ... By 618 Muhammad had gained enough followers to worry the city's leaders. ... with each side trying to enlist the tribes of the peninsula in its campaigns.

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Feb 1, 2012 ... That is why al-Thani [the Emir of Qatar] is seeking its leadership, ... to the 'Anaza tribebut that his ancestors had left Arabia because of a dispute. ... The Emirates are an ecosystem of tribal networks and alliances, all of their own kind. ... Arabian Peninsula ruling families supported each other regardless of ...

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There was even a tiny Jewish community with its own cemetery in Mecca. ... Arab sources maintain that the Jews of Medina were survivors of the Jewish revolt .... who had once forced their way into the oasis; each tribe lived in its own fortified village. Mohammed was soon accepted as leader by the pagans and concluded a ...

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Arab society was organized into tribes, with each person depending on their tribe for ... churches in Arab cities, and many Arab tribes had converted to Christianity. ... He formulated his own uniquely Arab interpretation of religion, based loosely on the .... But after the assassination of their third leader, the authorities in Mecca  ...

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May 15, 2009 ... Before the advent of Muhammad, the Arabians had religious and social ... The sedentary populations of the above developed no ancient culture of their own. ... The Arab tribes of the Jazeerah (Peninsula) – Christian, Pagan or ... The Bedouins are very democratic as far as their leadership is concerned.

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Feb 3, 2012 ... That is why Al Thani [the Emir of Qatar] is seeking its leadership, ... to the 'Anaza tribebut that his ancestors had left Arabia because of a dispute. ... of Iraq and Syria—ran afoul of tribes in his own country last year. .... Historically, in fact, Arabian Peninsula ruling families supported each other regardless ...