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Individual muscle fibers are formed during development from the ... The principal cytoplasmic proteins are myosin and actin (also ... The cell membrane is called the sarcolemma with the ... The myofibrils are long protein bundles about 1 micrometer in diameter each containing myofilaments.


Skeletal muscles are composed of striated subunits called sarcomeres, which are ... Each myofibril is composed of numerous sarcomeres, the functional ...


Sometimes tendons are broad sheets of connective tissue called aponeuroses. 4. The layer of ... Each muscle fiber is a single, long, cylindrical muscle cell. 2. Beneath the .... Hormones can also stimulate or inhibit contraction. 4. Smooth ...


... muscle. The perimysium is a connective tissue layer that surrounds each fascicle. ... The dark bands within a muscle fiber are called A bands, while the ... Slow fibers are also called red fibers because they contain the red pigment myoglobin.


Diagram of the Structure of a Muscle Cell (also called a muscle fibre). ... Links to information about each of the terms featured in the illustration (left):.


The muscle fibers bound together by the endomysium form a bundle called a fascicle. ... Each muscle fiber is also controlled by a nerve that forms a single ...


The connective tissue also attaches skeletal muscle to the skeleton and other ... The plasma membrane of the skeletal muscle fiber is called a sarcolemma. ... The many myofibrils each have light and dark bands and are aligned with one ...


Each skeletal muscle has three layers of connective tissue (called “mysia”) that enclose it and provide structure to the muscle as a whole, and also ...


Each organ or muscle consists of skeletal muscle tissue, connective tissue, ... Each bundle of muscle fiber is called a fasciculus and is surrounded by a layer ... The coverings also provide pathways for the passage of blood vessels and nerves.


The multiple nuclei arise from the fact that each muscle fiber develops from the fusion of many cells (called myoblasts). ... Anything that lowers the level of myostatin also leads to an increase in fiber size.