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They result from the sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust that ... Tectonic earthquakes occur anywhere in the earth where there is sufficient stored elastic ...

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Dec 5, 2010 ... The two main answers to 'how earthquakes happen' is: as a result of ... there may be further movements, called aftershocks, which occur as the ...

The Science of Earthquakes


Jul 18, 2012 ... These are smaller earthquakes that occur afterwards in the same place as the mainshock. Depending on the size of the mainshock, aftershocks ...



These foreshocks can occur months or minutes before the rapid onset of the earthquake. An earthquake lasts for seconds or minutes, while aftershocks may ...

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Every year about 10,000 people, on average, die as a result of earthquakes. Most earthquakes occur along fractures in the Earth's crust called faults. Most faults ...

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An earthquake occurs when the rocks break and move as a result of stresses ... Most earthquakes occur on the edge of plates, especially where one plate is ...

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Apr 20, 2015 ... Earthquakes occur every day, but most people don't notice the small ... are smaller quakes that result from the crust adjusting to the main shock.

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Earthquakes can occur if the plate slips sliding away or towards each other. ... two plates of continental lithosphere collide result in fold-thrust mountain belts.

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Some earthquakes occur when tectonic plates, large sections of Earth's crust and ... In all three of these settings, earthquakes result from movement along faults.

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Earthquakes occur when energy stored in elastically strained rocks is suddenly released. .... Such faults result from shear stresses acting in the crust. Strike slip ...

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Q: Earthquakes occur as a result of?
A: Rocks in the mantle are hot, very hot, and somewhat plastic or even liquid (molten magma). These kind of rocks cannot store the energy required for an earthquak... Read More »
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Q: Do all earthquakes occur as a result of movement of along the pla...
A: Most earthquakes occur at destructive boundaries, subduction zones and it is here that the deepest, and most violent happen. Constructive boundaries, the ocean ... Read More »
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Q: Earthquakes occur as a result of?
A: Earthquakes result when the Earth's crust is in motion. These slabs of crust, called Tectonic Plates, are lubricated underneath by molten magma. the magma cause... Read More »
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Q: When an earthquake occurs under water what are the results?
A: tsunami. Read More »
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Q: What is the result of an earthquake occurring on the ocean floor?
A: tsunami's would occur. Read More »
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