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The earthworm's crop is responsible for storing food after it has passed through the esophagus, which possesses calciferous glands that release calcium ...

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Locate the worm's mouth and anus. checkbox. Note the swelling of the earthworm near its anterior side - this is the clitellum. Label the clitellum. checkbox.

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The burrowing and feeding activity of earthworms have numerous beneficial effects on overall soil quality for crop production.

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At The Golden Earthworm Organic Farm we strive to grow strong, healthy crops by stimulating soil biology, growing cover crops to build soil structure, using ...

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The cerebral ganglion, located at the front of the worm, serves as the brain. This nerve bundle ... Worms and birds both use their crop as a food storage chamber.

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This publication provides basic information on earthworm ecology, the effects of ... The degree of importance of earthworms in maintaining soil and crop ...

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Gizzard: pocket used as the stomach of an earthworm. Dorsal blood vessel: blood vessel situated in the rear part of an earthworm. Crop: bulge of the esophagus ...

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The esophagus, in segments 6–13, acts as a passageway between the pharynx and the crop. The crop stores food temporarily. The mixture that the earthworm ...

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Hearing: Earthworms have no ears, but their bodies can sense the vibrations of animals ... The intestine extends over two-thirds of the worm's body length. In the  ...

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Effects of agricultural management practices on earthworm populations and crop yield: validation and application of a mechanistic modelling approach ...

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The body of the earthworm is segmented which looks like many little rings joined or ... The digestive system consists of the pharynx, the esophagus, the crop, the ...

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Apr 25, 2010 ... An earthworm's digestive system consists of a mouth,a pharynx, an esophagus, a crop, a gizzard and an intestine. 1. mouth The first section of ...

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It is not considered to be a segment of the worm. The anus, the opening at the end of the digestive tract through which solid wastes are expelled, will be found at ...