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How to Remove Old Wallpaper
You love your home, but you cringe every time you walk by that old wallpaper, printed in yesteryear's colors and pattern. Don't avoid the room or cover the wall with endless pictures, knickknacks and clutter in an attempt to cover it. Strip the wallpaper... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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Jul 19, 2008 ... Do you know the best way to remove wallpaper that's about 20 or 30 years old? I just bought a house that has old-timey country wallpaper in ...

Jun 4, 2013 ... This is the easiest, fastest, best--est way to take down and remove wallpaper ... As my 23 year old wallpaper started peeling, my kids decided it ...


Learn the easiest and best ways to remove wallpaper in common situations, ... If the old wallpaper is not vinyl, the glue under it may get wet and start to mildew.


Removing wallpaper before painting is a tough job, but it doesn't have to be ... I wish I could tell you there's a nifty new product that will make the whole thing easy. ... Use an old, very flexible metal spatula or putty knife with rounded corners to ...


I have a room that has 30 years of old wallpaper on it, any ideas??? It is stuck! ... It removes wax, grease, wallpaper residue, cleans concrete etc. I don't know ...


It may seem scary, but if you follow our tips and easy how-to steps, you'll find ... You could also try fabric softener; removing old wallpaper is a snap with fabric softener! ... Since your walls can't talk, we got home pros to suggest the hidden ways ...


He recommends using a chemical mixture that you spray onto the wallpaper. Here he removes the top layer. (SHNS photo by Diana Baldrica / The Fresno Bee ).


We share some helpful tips on how to remove old wallpaper. http:// · How To Remove .... Hands Down Easiest Way to Remove Wallpaper! If you have or think  ...